Vol. 15 No. 3 (2022): August-2022

Corporate Civil Liability for Environmental Damage and Burning of Peatlands in Rawa Tripa Forest A Case Law Government Rights to Lawsuit Against PT. Kallista Alam

Albertus Usada ,I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko

This legal research aims to analyze the case of burned peatlands in Rawa Tripa Forest in the case-law of an environmental civil lawsuit between the Min

The Role Of Job Creation Law On Resistance Of Small Medium Micro Enterprises (Msmes) During Covid-19 Pandemic

Itok Dwi Kurniawan ,Pujiyono ,M. Hudi Asrori S.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are business units that significantly contribute to economic growth in Indonesia. The MSME sector has becom

The Model Of Mineral And Coal (Minerba) Authority Arrangement In Realizing Ecological Justice

Sinta Ana Pramita ,I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko

This study aims to explore whether the regulation of mineral and coal authority has been able to realize ecological justice and how the regulation of m

Regulation of Associations of Flat Owners and Tenants in Management of Flatsfor Legal Assurance and Justice

Salma Suroyya Yuniyanti ,I Gusti Ayu ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko

The ownership of the condominium unit gives birth to the ownership rights to the apartment units which are individual rights, and joint ownership right

Legal Protection Model for Consumers of Service Users’ Passenger Transport Pt Mrt Jakarta

Erifendi Churniawana ,I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko

This study aims to determine whether the Consumer Protection Law has provided legal protection to users of the Jakarta MRT transportation services. Bes

Limitation of the Authority of the Supreme Court in Examining the Constitutional Court Regulation concerning the Election of Regional Heads

Ahmad Siboy ,Sholahuddin Al-Fatih

The review by the Supreme Court/Mahkamah Agung (MA) of the Constitutional Court Regulation/Peraturan Mahkamah Konstitusi (PMK) concerning Regional Head

The Development of Judicial Review of Legislation by the Indonesian Constitutional Court

Muhidin ,Eman Suparman ,M. Guntur Hamzah ,Indra Perwira ,Huala Adolf

This article examines the development of judicial review of legislation by the Constitutional Court of Indonesia. Since its establishment on 13 August

Protection of Environmental Rights for International Refugees in Indonesia: Present Practice and Future Challenges

Ayub Torry Satriyo Kusumo ,Jamal Wiwoho ,Emmy Latifah

Human rights related to the environment and its enjoyment have been recognized in international law and need to be fulfilled without exception. One gro

Land Consolidation Problems in Indonesia

Fifik Wiryani ,Mokhammad Najih

Vastly growing population in urban areas should be parallel to the adequate infrastructure provision and measurable development model, or social issues

Implications of The Development of Information and Technology on The Investment Sector Reviewing from Legal Aspects

Arsyad Aldyan ,Muhammad Rustamaji ,Itok Dwi Kurniawan ,Zakki Adhliyati ,Ismawati Septiningsih

The progress of the current era makes many changes in various sectors, one of the causes of the development of this era is the development of technolog

The Arrangement of Urban Slum Area to Provide Liveable Housing and Settlements for a Poor Community in Pancasila Justice Perspective

Joko Suhendro ,I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko

The right to obtain adequate housing and settlement is a constitutional right of every citizen guaranteed by the Act, Namely the 1945 Constitution of t

Regional Head's Commitment to Fulfillment of Fair Green Open Space

Seto Sanjoyo ,Adi Sulistiyono ,Agus Riwanto

Green open space is a policy that must be implemented in the development of urban areas. The regional head, the person in charge of regional developmen

The Urgency of Recovery for Child Performers of Crime of Sexual Violence

Subekti ,Hartiwiningsih ,I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani

This study aims to determine the importance of special recovery and rehabilitation for children (perpetrators) of sexual violence. This research is pre

Reclamation Efforts and Post-Mining Activities on Ex-Mining Land

Rahayu Subekti ,Salma Jane Benedicta

This study discusses the implementation of post-mining reclamation efforts on ex-mining land in Indonesia. There are already laws and regulations gover

Protection of Worker’s Wages to Commit Justice

Widiatama ,I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko

This study examines Law No. 13 of 2003 concerning Employment in terms of wages. In addition to internal contradictions between the articles contained t

Environmental Conservation Based Ecotourism Concept Policy

Nanang Wijayanto ,Fatma Ulfatun Najicha ,Tomi Agfianto ,Ariyanto Adhi Nugroho

Ecotourism is a form of tourism that is closely related to conservation principles. The concept of Ecotourism can be studied fundamentally as stated in

The Model of Regulation Marijuana Medical Based on Pancasila Justice

Eva Yuliana ,Hartiwiningsih ,I Gusti Ayu ketut Rachmi Handayani

Indonesia stipulates provisions regarding the prohibition of marijuana because it is included in class one narcotics, but data shows that marijuana can

The Urgency of Restorative Justice Policy in Resolving Traffic Crime in Indonesia

Yudi Wiyanto ,Supanto ,Hartiwiningsih

The principle of opportunity, public prosecutors have been entitled to the authority to proceed or terminate the criminal cases under their authority.

Implementation of Licensing Services in the Perspective of State Administrative Law in Indonesia

Fatma Ulfatun Najicha ,I Gusti Ayu ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko ,Chendi Seta Kartika

Quality services are services provided to customers in accordance with the services standard, but public services, especially in the licensing sector,

Policy Enforcement Retroactively Criminal Law in Transition: A Comparative Study Between Criminal Code and Design of New Criminal Cod

Roberth Jimmy Lambila ,Muhamad Mahrus Setia Wijaksana ,Hartiwiningsih ,Bernard L.Tanya

Making of the principle of legality in the context of the enactment of criminal law according to time, contain the issue of retroactive principle as an

Factors Affecting the Judge's Decision in the Court

Arina Silviana ,Hartiwiningsih ,Pujiyono ,Fatma Ulfatun Najicha

Indonesia is a state of law that gives freedom to judges in deciding a criminal case, meaning that judges may not receive intervention from any party.

Implications of the Job Creation Law on Land Procurement for Infrastructure Projects

Yustina Rina ,Gusti Ayu ketut Rachmi Handayani ,Lego Karjoko

Indonesia has passed a regulation on land acquisition for the public interest through a job creation law. However, an important question that must be a

Ratio Decidendi of Jurisprudence Toward Good Faith Buyer That Objected the Land in The Perspective Of Pancasila Philosophy

Albertus Usada

Ratio decidendi is the reason for the decision of judge, as a legal reason and consideration that forms the basis of a judge's decision. The meaning of

Establishment Of a Land Bank to Realize the Area Equitable Food Security in Indonesia

Rahayu Subekti ,Adi Sulistiyono ,Diah Pawestri Maharani ,I Gusti Ayu Gangga Santi Dewi

This study aims to analyze the establishment of a just agricultural food area land through a land bank institution. The method used is normative juridi

The Existence of the Maybrat Tribe Customary Court in the Middle of Modernization

Norce Horlin Mak Momao ,Supanto ,Mohammad Jamin

This research describes and examines the problems about how is the existence of the Papuan Maybrat Tribe in the midst of modernization? Second, what ar

Renewal Model of Actio Popularis and Class Action Lawsuit in Indonesia Based on Prismatic Law

Bita Gadsia Spaltani ,Adi Sulistyono ,Albertus Sentot Sudarwanto

The purpose of this study is to examine the model of the joint renewal of popularis action lawsuits which are known in the common law and class action

Domestic Violence Court as a New Model for Domestic Violence Cases in Indonesia: A Comparative Study with Australia

Dian Esti Pratiwi ,Hartiwiningsih ,Riska Andi ,Diana Lukitasari ,Subekti

The development of domestic violence cases in Indonesia in the last six years since 2016 has 259,150 cases. From 2017 to 2022 domestic violence cases a

Implications of the Constitutional Court's Decision on Corruption Management Politics in Indonesia

Siti Marwiyah ,M. Syahrul Borman ,Achmad Rubaie ,Bachrul Amiq

There has been an uncommon phenomenon during the timeline of criminal justice system in Indonesia when it comes to involve the handling of corruption c

Lifetime Prison Crime: Perspectives of Criminal Objectives and Community Protection in Indonesia

Mochamad Sukedi ,Putu Gede Arya Sumerta Yasa ,Gde Made Swardhana

This study aims to understand the life imprisonment policy in the Criminal Code and the 2018 Criminal Code Bill, understand the Life imprisonment polic

Regional Regulations with a Sense of Sharia: Contextualization of Al-Mashlahah Theory in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic in West Sumatera, Indonesia


The Corona Virus Disease-2019 pandemic has spread in the world, as well as in Indonesia. To prevent and control this pandemic in Indonesia, with a rese

Legal Policy on determining the status of Armed Violence Groups in Papua: Separatist or Terrorist

Gracesy Prisela Christy ,Marthen Nappang ,Musakkir ,Wiwik Heryani

Based on its history, before being labeled as a terrorist by the government, acts of violence committed by a group of people in Papua received differen

Marriage Agreement Not to Have Children According to Islamic Law

Muchlis Bahar

This study analyzes the marriage agreement not to have children made by prospective husbands and prospective wives before the marriage contract. Islam

Legal Consequences in Pre-Contracting in the Perspective of Indonesian Contract Law: Comparative Study of Law with Other Countries

Sigit Irianto

This article discusses the development of law on the pre-contract side in Indonesia by making legal comparisons with other countries, including court d


Tami Rusli

The existence of financial institutions that offers various forms of financing facilities is essential to support the economic activities through the m

Distinction between bankruptcy and insolvency in UAE legislation “Comparative analytical Study”

Hala N. Hussein

This research aims to study and analyze bankruptcy and insolvency under the UAE legislation as well as compare both of them in terms of definition and

Certain new media platforms as framing strategy? a case study of the successful anarchist social protest in Central Indonesia

Kamaluddin Kamaluddin ,Adilansyah Adilansyah ,Muhammad Taufiq ,Muhammad Sauki ,Rahmad Hidayat

This article deals with the elaboration of how offline activism was organized to move online through certain new media platforms in an anarchist public

Juridical Study on Ownership of Certificate of Rights to Coastal Areas

Adonia Ivone Laturette ,Barzah Latupono ,La Ode Angga ,Muchtar Anshary Hamid Labetubun

Property rights are rights that have been passed down from generation to generation, the strongest and most complete that people can have on land. Owne

Multi-Ethnic Harmony in Diversity Country with Functionalism Theory in Malaysia

Wan Abdul Malek Wan Abdullah ,Nasrul Hakim Roslan ,Saidatul Akmar Ismail ,Mazlifah Mansoor ,N. Elyssa

Malaysia is an example of multi-ethnic nation with the major races consisting of the Malay, Chinese, and Indian ethnic groups. As a multi-ethnic societ

Historical Overview of Duties of Sovereign and Its Reflection in The Constitution of India

Dr Vikrant Sopan Yadav

Development of any nation depends heavily on the role played by the sovereign, whether that is an individual or a group of people, such as the governme

Academic and Administrative Support Services Provided to Students with Disabilities in Saudi Universities: The University of Tabuk as a Model

Khaled Arab ,Amal Taman ,Radwa El-Shimy ,Sherine Ibrahim ,Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim ,Faten Al Zaidi ,Fahad Al Masoudi ,Ehab El Beblawi

This study aimed to know the level of academic and administrative support services provided to people with disabilities in Saudi universities: The Univ

Qualitative and demographic differences in quality of life among individuals with disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Corona pandemic

Khaled Arab ,Ahmed Al-Juhani ,Mohammad Hamdan ,Nawaf Al-Salami ,Saleh Al-Atwi ,Saud al-Anzi ,Salaheldin Bakhiet

This paper aimed to Discuss the level of quality of life for individuals with disabilities in light of the Corona pandemic in Saudi Arabia, due to the

Digital Transformation of Higher Education in Palestine: Employment, Obstacles, and Trends

Imad Aburub, Deema Assaf

The purpose of this study is to investigate the digital transformation of higher education in Palestine, to determine the level of faculty use of digit

Muhammad Al-Hajj Hammoud's lineage and origin

Iraq Salem Hamid ,Prof. Mahmoud a.m. al_qaysi (ph.d)

This research addresses some important issues related to Iraq's modern and
contemporary history and the role of the original Iraqi clans, including

The position of Iraq in Russia's foreign policy after the year 2000 AD

Aya Jaafar Abdul Sattar Ahmed ,Yusra Mahdi Salih

This research deals with the foreign policy and the Russian trends towards Iraq
after the year 2000 AD, the international variables that affect tha


Esraa Khalaf Ali ,Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khamis Hammadi

It was found through the research that the results of the turbidity in the
wells of the study area recorded a clear discrepancy between them, as it

October protest demonstrations in Iraq (External causes and attitudes)

Professor Dr. Khamis Daham Hamid ,Athraa Muhammad Abdul Reda

Despite the success of the power parties in vigorously aborting the protest
movement, its results remain dominated by Iraq's political scene, and t

Exoticism In Contemporary Industrial Product Design Assistant Lecturer: Mustafa Yassin Jalee

Al.Farabi universility college ,Dr.Gasim Khzaal Baheel

This research deals with the clarification of the concept of exoticism and its role in
human products, and the clarification of the eloquence of ex


Aseel Muhammad Obaid Al-Quraishi ,Prof. Dr. Ahmed Natiq Ibrahim Al-Obaidi

Like the European countries, Yugoslavia was destroyed by the events of the
Second World War. The country lived through one of its worst eras, as a

The Rule of Preventing the Gathering of Evidence in Iraqi Law

Massooma Ghali Flayyih Al kinani ,Abdulla Khodabakhshi

The legality of evidence serves as one of the important aspects of due process
credibility in overall, which necessitates that another rule which a

Conflict And Solution of Zending Evangelism on Aluk Todolo Beliefideology in Toraja Society

Zakaria ,Muhammad Hasyim

Aluk Todolo belief is the ancestral belief of Toraja and Mamasa people before
the arrival of Islam and Christianity in Indonesia. This belief is an

The contradictory policy of the Soviet government on women issues in the first half of the 20th century (on the example of Karakalpakstan)

Abdullaeva Yakhshibiyke Atamuratovna

This article describes the controversial policy of the Soviet government in women
matters in the first half of the 20th century on the example of K

Implementing Social Capital in Poverty Reduction Efforts in Indonesia

Willya Achmad ,Nunung Nurwati ,Muhammad Fedryansyah ,R. Widya Setiabudi Sumadinata

Economic strategies are typically prioritized in Indonesia's efforts to
alleviate poverty. These strategies include the building of new infrastruct

The role of women in social development a field study in Dhi Qar governorate

M.Sc Ahmed Hasan Ghali Matar

After we have studied social development, and what is the role of women in it, we find it necessary to draw up a summary of the most important ideas ad

Definition and classification of intangible cultural heritage of the group of countries in Southeast Asia

Kasidesh Nerngchamnong ,Kittikorn Nopudomphan ,Punnatree Suntisupaporn ,Saichol Panyachit ,Phoobade Wanitchanon

Amid the trend of globalization, there are impacts that result in rapid social and cultural changes, and there is clear diversity. The issue of intangi

The Best Interest of the Child within the Marriage Dispensation Regulation in Indonesia

Usep Saepullah

The phenomenon of the child marriage is a crucial issue and has attracted public attention, especially among human rights activists in Indonesia. Altho

Judicial and non-judicial mediation to resolve commercial disputes

Dr. Mahmoud Mokhtar Abdelmogith

Mediation is as an optional and alternative means for amicable settlement of civil and commercial disputes that have arisen or that may arise between t

Estimating the impact of the Corona pandemic on changing consumer behavior towards healthy food products and green products, an applied study in Majmaah City 2022

Nahid Osman Ali Babikerb ,Nhla Abdalgayoum Abdalrahman ,Entissar Magboul Algeilani ,Mohammed Ibrahim Mohamed Ali

This study aimed to find out the impact of the Corona pandemic on changing consumer behavior toward healthy food products and the extent of their prefe

Born out of Struggle: Space and Trauma in Arab-American literature

Ziyad khalifah Alkhalifah

The magnitude of the September 11 attacks continues to resonate in literature, even after more than two decades. The aftermath of the deadly attacks ha

A Rightful Thinking Legal Mind-Set In Good Faith Contract Implementation: A Necessary Principle Required In Business Contracts

Ridwan Khairandy Ariyanto Ari Yusuf Amir ,Abdul Halim Barkatullah ,M. Khoirul Huda

Putting a contract in real business situation requires trust and faith between parties involved. It is therefore important, to understand the principle

The Concept of Omnibus Law in The Indonesian Legislation System: Is Integration Possible?

Rudy ,Ketut Dharma Putra Yoga ,Robi Cahyadi Kurniawan ,Aristoteles ,Chaidir Ali ,Ryzal Perdana

Indonesia's legislative development has been characterised by hyperlegislation and, in some cases, a lack of coordination. As a result, Indonesia is in

Britain's position on the Iraqi-Iranian problems for the period (1920-1936 AD)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Resen Damman

The study examines Britain's position on the Iraqi-Persian disputes after the establishment of the Kingdom of Iraq in 1920 AD, and it examines the most

A Geographical Analysis of the Influence of Climate Changes and Agreements on Iraqi Oil Export Trade

Dr. Dheyaa Baheej Al_Bairmani ,Lect. Israa Mahmoud Muhammad Al-Obaidi ,Prof. Dr. Jabbar Abd Jubail Al-Dilfi

Climate changes and related climate agreements have an influence on the Iraqi oil export trade because Iraq is one of the most prominent crude oil expo

Futuristic research of basic problems in the way of negotiations between Iran and the United States

Ellias Aghili Dehnavi ,Ali Adami

In the present research, this question has been considered, "What are the factors that cause major problems in the way of negotiations between Iran and


Yi Wang

COVID-19 epidemic and the ongoing development of live e-commerce technologies have accelerated the industry's rapid expansion in China. This study, whi

New Landscape of Global Terrorism

Darmansjah Djumala ,Arry Bainus ,R. Widya Setiabudi Sumadinata ,Yusa Djuyandi

Terrorism in recent years has become an interesting topic to discuss. Unfortunately, studies on terrorism are still very minimal. A proper study of ter

Strategies for Developing Healthy Food Business for Sustainable Growth

Natpapas Thenchan ,Jusana Techakana ,Sunee Wattanakomol

The healthy food trend has gained attention among consumers. This is in line with the government's strategy to increase the potential of the food proce

Legal Protection Of Workers' Human RightsThrough Ratification Of The Ilo Convention


The ratification of the ILO convention on the basic rights of workers has made a
commitment to the Government of Indonesia to consistently implemen


Abdellatif Lamzarrah Ph.D

The crime of human trafficking is the ultimate violation of human dignity, and it represents a qualitative leap in the field of inhumane exploitation o

Mandatory of Public International Law of its Other Persons (International Organizations & Human Rights)

Assistant Lecturer. Basil Ali Abbas ,Assistant lecturer. Ali Nadhim Salman

Studying the relationship between international organization and human rights is a complex task, due to the specialization of international organizatio

Prisoner Rights in Saudi System and International Conventions

Amal Khalaf Safhan Alhabashneh

The study seeks to identify the rights of the prisoner in the Saudi system, given that the prisoner has rights and duties. The study dealt with the rig

The Legal Protection For Pregnant Working Women Under The Jordanian Law

Sultan Ibrahim Aletein ,Emad Mohammad Al-Amaren ,Faisal Mahmoud Al Abdallat ,Karimeh Jalal bqoour

Human resources are one of the most important means by which a country’s economy grows and develops. The higher the percentage of benefit from this r

The Supervisory Role of the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority over the Company's Buyback of its Shares wiith the Intention of Reselling amidst the Outbreak of the Corona Pandemic – A Comparative Study

Dr. Mohammad Saad Ali Al Armman ,Prof.Malek Hamad Abunaseir

With the prevalence of the term “buyback” of the company’s shares, especially amidst the crises faced by the countries of the world, the latest o

The Implications of Dissolving the Palestinian Authority Option on the Palestinian National Project Based on the Two-state Solution

Dr. Nadia Abu Zaher

This study aims to identify and explore the impacts of dissolving the Palestinian Authority option on the Palestinian national project based on the two

Service Provider’s Civil Liability of Electronic Trading: A Comparative Study between Saudi Law and Qatari Law

Dr. Saud Hamoud Alharthi

The present study embodies an analysis of service provider’s civil liability of electronic trading. It investigates this phenomenon by analyzing rele

Procedural Organization of Non-Jordanian Ownership of the Real Estate in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Idrees Sami Qublan Alrahamneh ,Dr.Fadi Tawfiq Almuhareb

This study dealt with the procedural organization of non-Jordanian ownership of real estate in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This is due to the impo

Factors affecting the process of conflict management in the Middle East (a study of religious and sectarian factors)


The Middle East region has always been a point of interest for international and regional powers alike, due to its geostrategic, natural, human, politi

Criminalization of rumors in the Jordanian criminal law

Sami musallam Mkhalla Altalak ,Ahmad Mohammad Abdallah Al Zoubi

This study focused on the criminalization of the common in Jordanian criminal law, as this is one of the crimes that has become lethal to society, part

The American-Chinese Competitiveness Towards The Middle East (Iraq As A Model(

Assist.Prof.Dr.Ibrahim Harbi Ibrahim

The aim of the research is to analyze the competition between the United States and China by reviewing the elements that drew the course of those relat

Judicial oversight of the administration’s decision to retire a public employee

Assistant Professor Dr. Mahmood Khalil Khadir

The relationship arising between the public employee and the administration is a temporary legal relationship, ends by a decision of the administration

The significance of promotion in the public job: A comparative study

Asst. Lect. Asma Nuri Ibrahim

As the employee is the mirror of state policy and the person who holds the legal position that qualifies him to perform a job within the scope of perfo


Dwi Perwitasari Wiryaningtyas ,Istifadah ,Hadi Paramu ,Sumani

Purpose: This study aims to examine and analyze financial literacy (finlit) variables as a moderating relationship between mental acco

Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Addressing Problem of Criminal Investigation in Pakistan

Abdul Ghani ,Zainal Amin Ayub ,Mukhriz Mat Ras

Criminal investigation of murder cases in Punjab, Pakistan is not up to mark, and this results in pendency of such cases for years. The time span for d

Peculiarities of Training Specialists for the National Police of Ukraine (On the Example of Higher Education Institutions with Specific Training Conditions)

Valerii Vasylovych Sokurenko ,Oleksandr Anatoliiovych Morhunov ,Serhii Yevhenovych Ablamskyi

Ensuring peace and security is a fundamental concept in every society that operates according to acceptable rules and regulations. The maintenance of p

Saudi Arabia's Efforts in Promoting Moderation, Peace, and Countering the Intellectual Affiliation of Terrorism (Domestic and International Perspective)

Nihad Farouk Abbas ,Ohud Ali Alzahrani

Allah said, "So We made you a nation to be a witness over people, and We made the Messenger to be a martyr over you. We didn't make you a mediator over

Balinese Rural Women During the Pandemic Covid 19: From Zero to Hero (A Reflection on Household Livelihood Strategies in Bali Without Tourism)

Ni Made Tisnawati ,Khusnul Ashar ,Department of Economics, Brawijaya University ,Susilo

For most people, Balinese women are identical to the beauty of Balinese dances. What actually happens is that Balinese women have three burdens that mu


Vien The Giang

Purpose: The paper analyzes and clarifies the relationship between ensuring the right to appropriate accommodation, reasonable and sta

The contractual responsibilities of third parties in the Jordanian law

Dr. Abdallah Khaled Ali Alsoufani

This study deals with the conditions of the contractual liability of the act of third parties (others). In the framework of implementing the contractua

From global forces to public health TURBULENCE: A Thematic Review of THE IMPACT OF SERVANT Leadership On Innovative Behaviour

Mohamad Nasaruddin Mahdzir ,Rohayu Abdul Ghani

This study aims to determine the dominant issues and challenges that have been raised regarding the impact of servant leadership (SL) on innovative beh

Grandparents' Rights And Obligations Under Malaysian Family Law:Conceptual And Legal Perspectives

Daleleer Kaur Randawar ,Muhammad Izwan Ikhsan ,Nur Ezan Rahmat

Grandparents are generally involved in child upbringing and nurturing. For some, babysitting their grandchildren is a full-time duty since the parents

Effect of Social-Media on Young Adult’s Self-Esteem and Behavior: A Meta Analytical Study

Meenu Sharma ,Pooja Tyagi ,Yagyima Nehabala ,Amjad Ali ,Emarson VP ,Himanshu Bajetha

Nowadays, it is explicit that maximum people are relying on social media not only to gain information but also for communication (interacting with know

Marriage Status Canceled by Parents After Their Child Passed Away

Mulida Hayati

This research aims to analyze marriage status canceled by parents after their child passed away. This research was carried out using a normative juridi

Civil liability that arises from the harms of the artificial intelligence applications in the visual and audio contents

Dr. Thafar M Alhajri

Artificial intelligence technologies participate in the processes of displaying the visual and audio contents through the platforms designated for that

The Legal Responsibility of the Air Carrier for the Damages Caused by Terrorist Operations

Ahmed Jabbar Hadi Al-Allaq ,Hussein Sabeeh Iaeib ,Adel Khalifa ,Ali Zaalan Nima

Global security in general witnessed serious threats after the end of the world wars, as it entered a dark tunnel called the Cold War. The traditional

The Transformatıon of Trı Hıta Karana in the Implementatıon of Land Consolıdatıon

Wayan Wiryawan ,Putu Gede Arya Sumertha Yasa ,Nyoman Suryawan ,Made Dandy Pranajaya

The purpose of this study was to examine land consolidation arrangements in Bali and analyze in depth the transformation of Tri Hita Karana in land con

Indicators of Harmful Activities by Foreign National in Indonesia Legal Perspective

Komang Satria Wibawa Putra ,Desak Putu Dewi Kasih ,Ketut Westra

The vagueness of norm related to the regulation concerning harmful activities and threatening security and public order by foreign national residing in

Legality of Traditional Health Service in Indonesia: Legal Pluralism Perspective

Made Adi Widnyana ,Made Subawa ,Nyoman Bagiastra ,Gusti Agung Mas Rwa Jayantiari ,Nyoman Winia

The purpose of this research was to identify, analyse, and elaborate the regulation regarding traditional health service based on the prevailing law an

Types of Apportionment of communal money

Dldar Rashed ,Abdulkarem

Common property y is an exceptional temporary condition that is doomed to expiry, because communality is not desirable as long as it arouses disputes b

Competitive Advantage Leverage Determinants Study on Small Enterprises Managed by Women in Banten Province, Indonesia

Sitti Ma'ani Nina ,Sam'un Jaja Raharja ,Rusdin Tahir ,Margo Purnomo

The era of digital technology supported by the infrastructure of the industrial revolution 4.0 facing health issues during the Covid-19 pandemic requir

Civil responsibility of financial intermediary in managing the investments of investors in the Bahraini financial markets, an analytical study

Dr. Nashat Mahmoud Jaradt

The financial intermediary occupies an important position in that it is a professional person specialized in executing buy and sell orders for investor

Improving Hospitals Competitiveness through The Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM)

Wahyudin Maguni ,Ummi Kalsum ,Alwahidin ,Muhammad Imran ,Abdul Wahid Mongkito ,Adzil Arsyi Sabana ,Mansyur ,Jalaluddin Rum ,Sumiyadi

The implementation of total quality management in hospitals can be achieved only if the principles have been applied to quality improvement and patient

The Role of Leadership Practices on a Knowledge Sharing Culture in Government Organization

Denok Kurniasih ,Wahyuningrat Wahyuningrat ,Shadu Satwika Wijaya

This study aims to examine the effect of charismatic leadership on tacit knowledge sharing. This research method is quantitative by using simple random

Legal Protection For Workers Against The Provision Of Wages Below The Regional Minimum Wage

Esti Ningrum ,Eti Mul Erowati ,Suryati Suryati ,Iskatrinah Iskatrinah ,Prosawita Ririh Kusumasari ,Paulus Israwan Setyoko

Wages are workers' rights that are received and expressed in the form of money as a reward from the employer to the employee which is determined and pa

A Mixed Analysis of investigating Ideological stances of SBY and Jokowi through transitivity analysis of Social Actors Represented in Their Political Speeches

Suswanto Ismadi Megah S ,Budiawan ,Joko Suryono ,Muhammad Nasir

This paper aims to investigate ideological stances of President Susilo Yudhoyono (henceforth, SBY) and President Jokowi Widodo (henceforth, Jokowi). By

The Caning At Public Areas From The Perspective Of Ulema

Jailani ,Muzakkir ,Fakhrurrazi M. Yunus

The application of caning in public places and or in correctional institutions raises the pros and cons of people from various circles. The Acehnese cl

Determination Of The Cost Maintenance Of Pawned Goods In Islamic Law The Perspective

Nufiar ,Rahmad ,Safriadi ,Mariana

This study aims to determine the cost of maintaining the pawned goods at the Syari’ah Pawnshop and determine the costs and responsibilities of the Sy

17 Years Reflection Of Indonesia's Law Development Achievements Through The National Legislation Program

Rudy ,Candra Perbawati ,Yeti Yuniarsih ,Mochamad Iwan Satriawan

This discussion always draws public criticism whenever the National Mid-Term Legislation Program and annual priorities are set. Mainly to the results o

Factors That Influence Expenditure of the Manusa Yadnya in Bali Province

Ni Luh Karmini

Interesting facts revealed from the National Socio-Economic Survey data regarding the consumption activities of the Balinese population, namely the ave

The Application Of Law in The Empowerment of The Defense Area by Using Joint Training Method Between TNI and The Local Government.

Arief Fahmi Lubis

In the context of national defense (not attacking another country), the service of human or the people to their country is an obligation (compulsor

The Influence of Microfinance Banks’ Financial Intermediation Activities on The Performance of Small-Scale Food Manufacturing Businesses In Lagos and Oyo States, Nigeria


The study investigated the influence of microfinance banks’ financial intermediation activities on the performance of small-scale manufacturing busin

Improving Journalists' Standards And Competencies in the Digital Age: Efforts and Challenges of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI)

Firdaus ,Kgs. M. Sobri ,Slamet Widodo ,Andy Alfatih

This study aims to analyze efforts to increase the competence of journalists in Indonesia in facing the digital era and the role of the Indonesian Jour

Socio-Economic Determinants Of Cigarette Consumption In Lesotho: A Gender Perspective

Sekitlane Mokone ,Nthabiseng Koatsa ,Adelakun O Johnson ,Ernest Tingum

This paper analyses the socio-economic determinants of cigarette consumption in Lesotho, with a special focus on differentials in smoking participation

Honor Code and Academic Honesty Survey Development

Dr. Sataporn Roengtam ,Dr. Vanchai Vatanasapt ,Suchinan Horsit


Saving Insurance Through Blanket Guarantee Policy and Deposit Insurance Corporation: Indonesia Legal Perspective

Dewa Ayu Dwi Mayasari ,Gede Yusa ,Ketut Westra ,A. Gde Oka Parwata ,Dewa Gde Rudy

The study aimed to analyze saving insurance through blanket guarantee policy and examine the agreement on saving insurance after the establishment of d

Application of MDS for Mapping Indian Farmers’ Perceived Risks: A Diagnostic Approach toward Adoption of Crop Insurance

Tuhin Mukherjee ,Avik Chattopadhaya

Farming risks play a great role with the fortune of Indian cultivators. But, Indian cultivators’ financial crisis starts mainly when they cultivate w

Post Covid Challenges and Coping Strategies for the Retail Industry in India: An Empirical Study

Anil Kumar Yadav

Coronavirus pandemic has forced the whole world to go under the grip of isolation orders. The retail industries are unfavorably impacted by Covid-19. R

The Role of Adat Village in Bali Tourism Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nengah Nuarta ,Dewa Made Suartha

Bali Tourism is an icon of Indonesian tourism that has been known all over the world. The role of Adat Village in the development and management of tou

Actualization Of Islamic Moderaism In Local Culture Inculturation In Indonesia (Critical Analysis, Challenges, and Their Applications in Overcoming Extreme Understanding at Universities in the Sumbagsel and Banten Regions)

Moh. Mukri ,Kamran ,Agus Hermanto

The impact of global progress has actually led to the rise of issues of radical ideology, such as the extreme right and extreme left movements, and eve

Institutional Evaluation Of The 2019 Election In Indonesia Ad-Hoc Election Organizers

Ida Wahyuni Iskandar

The first legislative and presidential elections were held simultaneously on  17 April 2019. One of the parties that contributed to the implementa

Study Of Quality Of Service Operations Train Commuter Surabaya-Lamongan

Dadang Supriyatno ,Abdul Talib Bon

Operation KA Kommuter Daop VIII in Surabaya Surabaya route-Lamongan is an effort to reduce congestion Lamongan is one of the smaller cities around Sura

The social responsibility of the graduate student and its role in the stability of society an applied study at Nile Valley University – Sudan

Entissar Magboul Algeilani ,Nhla Abdalgayoum Abdalrahman ,Nahid Osman Ali Babiker


Accountability and Public Policy Outcomes in Nigeria: A Stewardship Theory-Based Approach

Ejiroghene A. OGHUVBU ,Daniel E. GBEREVBIE ,Samuel O. ONI ,Nick P. Essien

The significance of accountability in specific areas of public sector management in numerous public organizations around the world has been shown by ac

Validity and reliability of the applied instrument in the study of sustainability of the sociology study plan

Adriana Miranda Esteban ,Juan José Bedolla Solano ,Ramon Bedolla Solano ,Oscar Sanchez Adame

It is very important that the instruments that are designed and applied to gather information in research are evaluated by experts. The purpose of this

The Effects of the Resignation of The Prime Minister on the Public Authorities in the State Under the Constitution of Republic of Iraq for the Year 2005

Mohamed Abd Jree

It is a constitutionally recognized fact that the Prime Minister has the right to submit his resignation whenever he finds himself unable to achieve hi

Creditor Mortgagee

Ahmad Mohammad Abdallah Al Zoubi ,Kutiba Hamed Abdulkader Alharaznh ,Sami musallam Mkhalla Altalak

In the current study, the researcher investigates the right of tracking as a legal means to pursue the pledged money in the event of the end of ownersh

Arbitrator's Responsibility

Sami musallam Mkhalla Altalak ,Kutiba Hamed Abdulkader ,Ahmad Mohammad Abdallah Al Zoubi

In this work, A special law regulating the arbitration process, and this law is the Jordanian Arbitration Law No. 31 of 2001 and amended by Law No. 16

The Specificity of the Concept of the Approval of the National Assembly according to Article (33/2) of the Jordanian Constitution and its Reflection on International Agreements

Ahmad Mohammad Abdallah Al Zoubi ,Sami musallam Mkhalla Altalak ,Kutiba Hamed Abdulkader Alharaznh

As is well known, the constitutions varied among themselves regarding the authority to ratify the agreement. The Jordanian constitution took a medium g

Litigation Docket Management in India: Re-visiting towards the delivery of Justice

Anuradha Binnuri ,Rajanikanth M

In the present Indian scenario, it is found that there is no universal rule for case management, hence the litigation is piling up. The cases are manag

The social responsibility of the graduate student and its role in the stability of society an applied study at Nile Valley University–Sudan

Entissar Magboul Algeilani ,Nhla Abdalgayoum Abdalrahman ,Nahid Osman Ali Babiker

Many factors contribute to the success of universities in performing their societal role, such as a partnership with the private and governmental secto

Local Wishdom Of Sodong Village In Preventing Covid 19 Spread Comparing To Indonesian Goverment’s Its Mitigation

Muhammad Hanif ,Fida Chasanatun ,Anjar Mukti Wibowo

The purpose of this study is to describe and explain the local wisdom of the people living in Sodong village in regard to minimizing the effects of Cov

Does Psychological Contracts And Organizational Commitment Affect The Performance Of Sharia Hotel Employees In West Java, Indonesia?

Usep Deden Suherman ,Eeng Ahman ,Disman ,Rofi Rofaidah

The purpose of this study was to determine and investigate the impact of psychological contracts and organizational commitment on employee performance.

Influence Compensation, Leadership Style And Work Environment Against Employee Job Satisfaction Pt. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk Balikpapan Klandasan Branch Office

Didik Hadiyatno ,Pudjiati ,Farah Silvia ,Untung Surapati ,Rajiman

This study aims to determine the effect of the variable compensation, leadership style and work environment on job satisfaction of employees of PT. Ban

Practices Of Understanding Marriage And Divorce And Its Legal Consequences On Guardianity, Parenting Of Children, And Distribution Of Assets

Ru’fah Abdullah * ,Harrys Pratama Teguh

It is natural that humans from birth into the world always have a tendency to live together with other humans in an association of life between a man a

Transformational Leadership And Knowledge Sharing To Enhance Teacher Teaching Creativity In The Pandemic Era

Nurhattati ,Unifah Rosyidi ,Choirul Fuad Yusuf ,Rihlah Nur Aulia ,Ahmad Jauhari. H. Ripki

Changes in the learning system of the pandemic era require school leaders to improve knowledge behavior to support teacher creativity. Research aims to

The System Of The Educational Process Of Pupils With Disabilities In Ukraine

Mgr. Lukáš Stárek, Ph.D ,MBA, DBA

This expert text brings thought and reflection to the system of special pedagogy in Ukraine. We hear about this country in the context of a war conflic

The role of Supervisors in Improving Teacher Competence: an empirical review in building Educational Psychology to Support Learning Quality

Andi Hendriyana Hasan ,Bahaking Rama ,Wahyuddin Naro ,Muzakkir

This study aimed to identify and analyze the role of academic supervision in motivating the psychology of teaching staff in improving teacher competenc

Malaysia Legislates the Rights of the Child: Challenges, Progress and Impact

Zakaria Mohd Kawi ,Asmady Idris ,Abdul Said Ambotang ,Mansoureh Ebrahimi

Since the adoption by the United Nations in 1989 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all the 196 States including Malaysia have agreed to be

Long Run Relationship Between Financial Development, ICT and English Proficiency on Income Inequality Evidence from Malaysia

Norhasimah binti Shaharuddin ,Tamat Sarmidi ,Abdul Hafizh bin Mohd Azam ,Mohd Hafiz bin Abdul Wahab

Income inequality is a persistent phenomenon and fundamental issues of concern especially in this new digital era because unequal access to finance has

The Role of the Legislative and Legal Framework in Promoting Scientific Research in the Arab World between Current Reality and Future Prospects. (A Case Study, United Arab Emirates)

Muhammad Hadi Younis Al-Najdawi

Proceeding from the current status of scientific research in the Arab world and the need to develop it since societies’ progress and international po

Effects of Tax Audits and Tax Penalties on Individual Income Revenue Compliance in Malaysia

Ong Yih Tat ,Janice L. H. Nga ,Andy Lee Chen Hiung ,Winnie Wong Poh Ming

This paper aims to determine the tax audit and penalty effects on personal income tax revenue compliance within the context of Malaysia. A quantitative

Korean Cultural Heritage Protection System beyond Hidden Agenda: A Case Study of Institutional Strategies and Practical Actions

Sang Woo Ha

This article critically re-evaluates South Korean institutional strategies and practical actions that occurred in the initial stage of Korean cultural

Death Penalty and Human Rights to Life

Minh Le Thi

In recent years, concerning human rights, countries have carefully considered and discussed the death penalty. Some countries argue that the death pena

We are Far from Jakarta: Lesson Learned from Makassar Student Movement 2009-2020 As A Political Power of Disruption Against the State


The Makassar student movement is a unique phenomenon in the history of Indonesian social movements. The pattern of the Makassar student movement has al

Analysis of Implementation of Special Allocation Fund Policy at the Health Office of South Sulawesi Province

Indar ,Muhammad Alwy Arifin ,Nurhayani ,Anwar Mallongi

The distribution of the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) is regulated in article 108 of the Law on Fiscal Balance between the Central Government and Regio

Sleep Quality Impact on the Venezuelan Indigenous Population and their Job Occupation Influence

Maristella Colliva ,Anthony Constant Millán ,Isabel Cristina Alzate ,Antonio Boada

It has descriptively been analyzed a meaningful sample gotten from the Spanish version (translated and adapted by Royuela, 1994; 1996; 1997) of the Pit

Understanding Sharia Law in Three Cognate Countries: Similarities and Differences in Applications; Indonesia, Malaysia, And Brunei Darussalam

Lahaji ,Nazar Husain Hadi Pranata Wibawa ,Muh. Rusli ,Sofyan. A. P. Kau ,Abdul Qodir Zaelani

Many studies have been conducted on various topics of the application of Islamic law in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. However, we believe very few h

Pricing: Strategies that Every Venture Should Take into Account

Beatriz Elena Herrera Velásquez ,Daniela Zapata Gallego ,Fausto Vahos ,Antonio Boada

Pricing in a business venture must be an analytical decision based on study and knowledge of the various factors that influence or affect the price. Th

Investigating Cohesive Devices Used in Vietnamese EFL Students’ Online English Writings

Phạm Thị Thu Hương

The rapid development of high technology and the Internet has made potential contributions to English language education for the past few decades. Many

The Business environment of the company in light of the digital economy

Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud AL Masadeh

This study aims to focus on the importance of the role of the digital economy in commercial life in general and the life of commercial companies in par

The Invalidation of Detention in the Jordanian Criminal Procedures Law

Dr. Ibtisam Mousa Saleh

The procedural action is the central point on which the invalidation is based, because the invalidation is a penalty that results from the invalid proc

Communication Media Law: Digitalisation Influence on the Public Perception of Photojournalism in Nigeria

Andrew Ejovwo Abuza ,Harvey G. O. Igben ,Kenneth Owhighose Odhe

The 1999 Nigerian Constitution guarantees communication media rights, including the right to freedom of expression and the press to all citizens of Nig

A Comparative Analysis Of Copyright Enforcement Regime In Nigeria

Dr. Okubor Cecil Nwachukwu ,Dr. Gaga Wilson Ekakitie

Giving the owner the sole right to use the intellectual property and the authority to forbid unauthorized use is the fundamental purpose of intellectua