Saudi Arabia's Efforts in Promoting Moderation, Peace, and Countering the Intellectual Affiliation of Terrorism (Domestic and International Perspective)

Nihad Farouk Abbas ,Ohud Ali Alzahrani
Keywords: The moderation, opinion, the thought, the affiliation, the terrorism, the extremism. ,


Allah said, "So We made you a nation to be a witness over people, and We made the Messenger to be a martyr over you. We didn't make you a mediator over the Qibla so that you were led to God, and God didn't waste your faith, because He is a martyr over people, but He is a great martyr over the cow" (143:79). God commanded us to mediate and made us a nation of mediocrity, a religion of the middle, an opinion of the middle, and middle thought. Accordingly, deviation from the righteous approach to thought is an intellectual deviation, especially if it is directed to a misguided thought that contradicts what we have learned about the true religion, and this is the problem of research. According to this, terrorism aims at the search for discussion efforts of the kingdom in the consolidation of peace in the middle distance and intellectual removal from the affiliation. By attempting to answer the research questions about what constitutes intellectual affiliation and terrorism and what efforts have been made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in legislation and internationally to spread peace and renounce terrorism and its intellectual affiliation, several results emerged, the most important of which is that the Kingdom has shown a policy of average legitimacy in all its systems internally and in accordance with the international hostilities that it has signed internationally. effectivity role of the center, Aalmnaasah, and moderation central. That ignorance in the middle distance the debt performs to the intellectual deviation in affiliation with any group or organizations that have a wrong thought.