Qualitative and demographic differences in quality of life among individuals with disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Corona pandemic

Khaled Arab ,Ahmed Al-Juhani ,Mohammad Hamdan ,Nawaf Al-Salami ,Saleh Al-Atwi ,Saud al-Anzi ,Salaheldin Bakhiet
Keywords: Quality of life disabilities Corona pandemic ,


This paper aimed to Discuss the level of quality of life for individuals with disabilities in light of the Corona pandemic in Saudi Arabia, due to the variables of gender, age and type of disability. The study sample consisted of 158 male and female individuals of different ages with disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The researcher used the quality-of-life scale prepared by him, which consists of five dimensions, including (26) paragraphs, and the results showed that there are differences between people with learning disabilities and people with physical disabilities in favor of people with learning disabilities, and between people with hearing disabilities and autism, people with physical disabilities, and people with mental disabilities, in favor of people with hearing disabilities. And there were no statistically significant differences in research sample due to the gender, And There are statistically significant differences research sample due to age in favor of less than 12 years.