The position of Iraq in Russia's foreign policy after the year 2000 AD

Aya Jaafar Abdul Sattar Ahmed ,Yusra Mahdi Salih
Keywords: United State, China, Russia, the European Union, Iraq, foreign policy, organizations. ,


This research deals with the foreign policy and the Russian trends towards Iraq
after the year 2000 AD, the international variables that affect that bilateral
relationship and the importance of the position and weight of Iraq in the Middle
East and the attempt to include Iraq in the international organizations and blocs
led by China and the Russian Federation such as the Shanghai Cooperation
Organization, and joining the Chinese Belt and Road project to serve interests The
Iraqi economy, and an attempt to extend its influence through security alliances in
the region in general, and Iraq in particular, as the quadrilateral center of the war
on terrorism in which Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria participated, which strengthens
bilateral relations between Iraq and Russia in accordance with the common
interests of the two countries.