Peculiarities of Training Specialists for the National Police of Ukraine (On the Example of Higher Education Institutions with Specific Training Conditions)

Valerii Vasylovych Sokurenko ,Oleksandr Anatoliiovych Morhunov ,Serhii Yevhenovych Ablamskyi
Keywords: police force; higher education; training; assessing; specific training conditions. ,


Ensuring peace and security is a fundamental concept in every society that operates according to acceptable rules and regulations. The maintenance of peace and security can never be achieved without the effective functioning of law enforcement agencies, which includes the police. In this aspect, highly qualified training of specialists for the National Police is a very important issue. In the conditions of martial law in Ukraine, this issue becomes especially relevant, since police officers are required to fulfill their powers, the effective implementation of which depends on their training in institutions of higher education with specific training conditions. Considering this, the purpose of the article is to investigate the degree and role of such institutions of higher education in providing training for future police officers. Attention is focused on the fact that, despite all the difficulties caused by armed aggression on the part of the Russian Federation, higher education institutions with specific conditions of study, unlike other universities of the legal profile, continue their studies in full-time form. Undoubtedly, such training ensures the provision of better knowledge and skills to future police officers, because the acquired theoretical knowledge is supported by a practical component. Based on the results of the research, it has been provided the authors’ own vision regarding possible further directions for improving the educational process and scientific activity at higher education institutions with specific training conditions.