Service Provider’s Civil Liability of Electronic Trading: A Comparative Study between Saudi Law and Qatari Law

Dr. Saud Hamoud Alharthi
Keywords: E-trading, Service Provider, Civil Liability, Saudi Law, Qatari Law. ,


The present study embodies an analysis of service provider’s civil liability of electronic trading. It investigates this phenomenon by analyzing relevant texts from the Saudi law and the Qatari law. Besides, it highlights the points of similarity and difference between the two laws. In order to achieve the objectives of the present research, the researcher follows the descriptive-analytical approach. That is, an analysis of relevant texts from the two laws is provided throughout the research. The most significant findings indicate that both the Saudi legislator and the Qatari legislator have given the consumer the right to terminate the contract unless the service provider and the consumer agree on another period for delivery or implementation of the contract. Unless the delay was caused by an emergency, the consumer may be able to recover the amount he paid under the contract in return for products or service, as well as any other expenses caused as a result of the delay.