The Legal Protection For Pregnant Working Women Under The Jordanian Law

Sultan Ibrahim Aletein ,Emad Mohammad Al-Amaren ,Faisal Mahmoud Al Abdallat ,Karimeh Jalal bqoour
Keywords: Legal Protection, Pregnant Working Women, Jordanian Law ,


Human resources are one of the most important means by which a country’s economy grows and develops. The higher the percentage of benefit from this resource and the extraction of its potential, the higher the rate of production and development in societies. Essentially, the component of this resource are the two arms that move it represented by women and men, and since it is women who constitute the dilemma in different eras and at all levels, especially at the level of work. In this research the researchers direct most of their focus on women's, which is struggling to develop itself and its society on the one hand, and it struggles with the forces of reverse tension that are trying to undermine the solidity, strength and ability of women to bend it from continuing to carry out their natural function in the service of his country and society, and trying to detract from his rights and privileges on the other hand. Women have suffered from discrimination in various Western and Eastern societies, and researchers highlight here the suffering of women in Jordan through their work and source of livelihood as a result of this gender discrimination, despite the persistent attempts of legislators to establish the rights of working women through legislative texts, however, the researchers sees a continuation of violations of these rights and deception of the provisions of the law in order to detract from what this woman deserves as a reward for her efforts and for doing the work entrusted to her.