The Implications of Dissolving the Palestinian Authority Option on the Palestinian National Project Based on the Two-state Solution

Dr. Nadia Abu Zaher
Keywords: the dissolving of authority, the two-state solution, the one-state solution, the national project, the elite, the Fatah movement. ,


This study aims to identify and explore the impacts of dissolving the Palestinian Authority option on the Palestinian national project based on the two-state solution among the Fatah elite following the Israeli threats to implement a plan to annex Palestinian land to Israel. It depends on the interview with Central Committee members as the main tool for gathering information. The most prominent results that have been reached, are the existence of a dispute between the Fatah elite over their definition of the Palestinian national project of the Fatah movement. However, they unanimously agreed that dissolving the Palestinian Authority is an unthinkable option, for its negative implications on the national project based on a two-state solution even if annexation is achieved. They also rejected the One State option and thus the views were likely to continue to place the Authority on what it is while changing its roles and strategies as a future vision for the Fatah movement on the national project and the Palestinian Authority.