The Urgency of Recovery for Child Performers of Crime of Sexual Violence

Subekti ,Hartiwiningsih ,I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani
Keywords: Children in Conflict with the Law; Rehabilitation; Sexual Violence ,


This study aims to determine the importance of special recovery and rehabilitation for children (perpetrators) of sexual violence. This research is prescriptive normative legal research with a legal approach. The data analysis technique uses deductive logic. Based on the research results, recovery and rehabilitation for children (perpetrators) of criminal acts of sexual violence are very important to prevent children from becoming recidivists or sexual predators as adults. Rehabilitation of children involved in cases of sexual violence has not fully met the principle of the best interests of children because there is no special rehabilitation for children. Psychological and social rehabilitation and rehabilitation need to be provided to children as perpetrators and children as victims in criminal acts of sexual violence to achieve recovery, so that they can grow and develop optimally as the next generation of the nation.