Vol. 15 No. 1 (2022): issue-1-june-2022

Two Enrons for Rescuing Enron in Lucy Prebble’s Enron

Ahmed Hasan Mousa

One of the rare plays of the twenty-first century to shed lights on the biggest financial crisis and eventual fall of the American energy corporate Enr

The Fate of Bilateral Investment Treaties during Armed Conflict - The Russia Ukraine Conflict Perspective as Per the International Laws


The aim of this explorative narrative study is to review the impact of bilateral treaties during an armed conflict with a focus on the Russia-Ukraine c

The Jurisdiction of The Supreme Constitutional Court in Relation to Disputes and The Formation of Parliament Under the Iraqi Constitution Of 2005

Mohammad Taha Hussein AL-Husseini

In most cases, the constitutions grant the constitutional judiciary jurisdiction in many areas, including its jurisdiction to consider and resolve disp

The Judicial System in the Federal State U.S as a Model

Mohammad Taha Hussein AL-Husseini

The judicial or the system of courts in the United States of America is characterized by duality, in the sense that there are two types of the judiciar

Wadi Al-Salam Cemetery - A Socio- anthropological Study in the City of Najaf

Salwan Fawzi Abd baqli Al-obeydi

The topic of the study revolves around the study of one of the historical, religious and cultural landmarks among the inhabitants of the Middle Euphrat

Contemporary Legal Analysis of the International Sale Contract in the Vienna Convention: A Narrative Review

Ashraf M. A. Elfakharani

The UN Convention on Contracts of the International Sales of Goods (CISG) streamlined the cross-border sales process when it was signed on 11 April 198

The Fate of Bilateral Investment Treaties during Armed Conflict - The Russia Ukraine Conflict Perspective as Per the International Laws

Ashraf M. A. Elfakharani

The aim of this explorative narrative study is to review the impact of bilateral treaties during an armed conflict with a focus on the Russia-Ukraine c

The Political Participation of The Elderly in Aceh: Potential and Reality

Irwan Putra ,Karim Suryadi ,Rahmat ,Siti Komariah

The participation of the elderly in politics is greatly anticipated since it serves as a barometer of the democratic system's distance from citizens. T

The current state of public administration reform and issues raised, research in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in the period 2016 – 2020

Dr. Vo Van That ,Dr. Mai Quoc Dung*

Administrative reform is implemented on many contents: Institutional reform, organizational reform of the administrative apparatus, building and improv


Le Thi Thao

Investment in bond trading accounts for a significant proportion in the business and investment activities of commercial banks, it not only brings prof

The Creative Education in University in china

Wenqing Wang ,Intan Marfarrina Binti Omar ,Fatt Hee Tie

The main purpose of creative education is to develop students' initiative and creativity. Creative education has a deep historical background, and rese

Analyzing online public opinion effect on public policy

Haisheng Hu

The basic purpose of research study measures the analysis in between online public opinion and its effect on public policy. This research study based o

Self-Esteem, Educational Stress, and Depression among Students in High School in context of E-learning during COVID Outbreak

Dr.Haifa F. Fawares ,Fadi Fawaris

This study aims to identify the mean values of self-esteem, educational stress, and depression, to examine the correlations between them, and to identi

The Islamic Ethical Leadership, Ethical Sensitivity, and Employees’ Ethical Behavior: Narrative Literature Overview

Dr. Haifa F. Fawares ,Dr. Tasneem Almheidat

Previous studies have looked at the impact of ethical leadership on staff productivity. To better understand how the two relate, read these stories. Se

Land Pawning in The Archipelago: A Study of Legal Anthropology

Aris Machmud ,Basuki Rekso Wibowo ,Gunawan Widjaja ,Cita Citrawinda Nurhadi

Land pawning in archipelago was regulated by plural laws which can caused conflict which effecting the elite economy to solving the disputed. The resea

Analytical Descriptive Study of Article 363 of the Criminal Code: Optimization of Law Enforcement for the Crime of Motor Vehicle Theft

Subarsyah Subarsyah

The crime of motor vehicle theft is an act that violates the rules as well as against social norms and against the rights as contained in Article 362 o

Juridic Review Concerning Collaboration of Goods Prices In Supermarkets According To Article 6 Of The Minister Of Trade Number 35 Of 2013 Related To Law Number 8 Of 1999 Concerning Consumer Protection

Elli Ruslina

Modern markets and traditional markets are economic institutions where buyers and sellers meet. The existence of a modern market (Supermarket) has its

Study, evaluation and opinion of adolescents about electronic cigarettes in the city of Basrah

Farhan .L. Aaiz ,Sundss Baqer Dawood ,Luay Abdulwahid Shihab

Studies have shown that electronic cigarettes have gained immense popularity and their use has increased dramatically all over the world. However, litt

Contaradiktif Doctor's Authority Regulated in Law No. 29 of 2009 concerning The Practice of Medicine and Government Authority In Law No. 30 of 2014 concerning Government Administration

Anna Veronica Pont ,Agussalim

The granting of authority in structural and functional positions if referring to the law in Indonesia, has been regulated in law number 30 of 2014 conc

The effectiveness of traditional legal rules in addressing the legal responsibility for the actions resulting from artificial intelligence system

Leila bekouche

Artificial intelligence has become an influential part of life for people all over the world. With the age of technology, there is concern on whether t

The Relationship Between HR Practices, Personality, and perceived organizational support

Mohammed I.F. Dawwas

Despite the fact that much earlier research have looked into the direct relationship between human resource practices and perceived organizational supp

The Relationship between HRM Practices, Ethical Climate, and Turnover Intention

Mohammed I.F. Dawwas

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of human resource management practices, (Training, Performance Appraisal, Career Development,

Leadership, organization Culture and job Satisfaction influence employee performance in private companies in Bahrain

Dr. Qais Almaamari ,Zainab Abdulhusain

There are many factors that affect the employees’ performance but in this study, the companies should take into consideration the massive influence o

The Influence of Green Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance in Retail Sector in Bahrain

Mrs. Sara Almeer ,Dr. Qais Ahmed Almaamari

Improving the Organizational Performance is the key factor to ensure the organizations’ sustainability in the market. This research attempts to exami

Vietnam’s Regional Security Strategy in The Context of France’s Pivot to Asia

VU Thi Phuong Le ,NGUYEN Thi Le Vinh ,DUONG Van Dan ,PHAM Thi Thuy Hong ,LE Thi Thanh Hieu ,TRUONG Thi Phuong Thao

The study centered on the selection of security strategy of Vietnam as a middle power of Asian. Regarding the coverage of the study, it was conducted i

Criteria For Assessment of Decentralization in Provision of Public Administrative Services in Vietnam Today

Nguyen Binh An ,Tran Thi Hai Yen

In the context of the country's socio-economic development, the trend of integration and democratization of all aspects of life of the State and societ

Study of Circumstantial Evidence Theory and Its Implementation in Business Competition Law in Indonesia

M. Afif Hasbullah

Implementation of Law no. 5 of 1999 is quite important to be implemented using circumstantial evidence. This is due to a characteristic that comes from

The Relationship of Culture and Conflict in the Middle East at the globalization Era

Dr. Farhad Daneshnia ,Dr. Farzad Rostami

Identity and culture are important factors in globalization era. They influence and affected by internal, regional and global material and ideational s

Independence of Judicial Power in The Problems of The Period of Constitutional Judge in Indonesia

Afdhal Mahatta ,Satya Arinanto

Amendments to the Constitutional Court Law (UU) No. 7, 2020 The third amendment to the Constitutional Court Law No. 24, 2003, abolished the obsolescenc

Implementation of The Ius Curia Novit Principle in Examining Case At The Constitutional Court of The Republic of Indonesia

Muhidin ,Eman Suparman ,M. Guntur Hamzah ,Indra Officer

This study examines the application of the ius curia novit principle in the legal interpretation of pretrial single judge decisions that examine the va

Checking the Unchecked: An Argument for Stricter Policies Governing Social Media Use and Abuse in the 21st Century

Auhoud Sultan Alshehail

Since its inception in the early 2000s, social media has been powerful through unregulated force for social interaction, idea generation, and the galva

The Objective Aspects of Jordanian Penal Legislation and Their Compatibility with the Constitutional Guarantees of Human Rights

Hana Ali Abdalraheem Alhour

This research dealt with the issue of constitutional guarantees of human rights provided when applying the provisions of the Jordanian Penal Code. In t

Community Empowerment in Villages of Lamandau Regency, Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

Adolfina Patanduk ,Agus Suryono ,Abdullah Said ,Sarwono Sarwono

Community empowerment should emphasize community independence. However, many community empowerment activities do not follow the public administration c

An Analysis on Collaborative Governance in Controlling Water Pollution in Belantikan Raya District, Lamandau Regency, Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

Ostra Wungkana ,Abdul Hakim, Irwan Noor Alfi , Haris Wanto

River water pollution is one of the common problems the community faces, which requires immediate handling with a public policy. Collaborative governan

Factors impacting law enforcement in Iraq during the period 2014–2017

Abdullah Muqdad Fadhil ,Salawati Mat Basir ,Saidatul Nadia Abd Aziz

Since 2014, Iraq's country has witnessed low law enforcement overall. This study aims to debate previous literature that investigates factors that affe

Scoping Review on Physicians’ obligation to Maintain Patient Confidentiality

Yasmine Ali Kara Hassan

Protecting patients' confidentiality is an essential practice that is key to achieving successful healthcare provision. Physicians are always obligated

An Empirical Study on the Cross Border Framework on Shopping Behavior Pattern of Consumer Goods

Olue, Apiriye Magdalene ,Abdul Rahman bin S Senathirajah ,Syriac Nellikunel Devasia

This study proposes a cross-border framework for consumer goods and shopping behavior patterns, focusing on African consumers in Malaysia. A mixed meth

The Dynamics of Involvement of The Indonesian National Army in Food Estate Policy for National Food Security

Heri Napitupulu ,Taufik Hidayat ,Arry Bainus ,Windy Dermawan

President Jokowi's directive for the TNI to help agriculture, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia has become leading the national food

Indonesian Sea Border Security in Malacca Strait

Agus Priyanto ,Arry Bainus ,R. Widya Setiabudi Sumadinata ,Wawan Budi Darmawan

Problems that occur at the border, especially the sea border, require a truly integrated handling by involving various elements from the government, re

Indonesian Air Defence: The Role of Stakeholders and the Development of Indonesia's Air Defence Supporting Industry

Handoko Ivan Haryanto ,Taufik Hidayat ,Arry Bainus ,Arfin Sudirman

Threats to national security are not only present on the mainland, but also can happen in the air. Any kind of threats which appear on the air must be

Guaranteeing Principles of Equity and Equivalence in Land Valuation when the State Recovers Land in Vietnam

Tran Cong Lap ,Phan Trung Hien

When it comes to land recovery, compensation, support, and resettlement in Vietnam, land compensation and prices are always the main concerns of the ma

Myanmar and the Dilemma of Asean Interventions that Do not Find the Bright Spot

Yusa Djuyandi ,Arfin Sudirman ,Wawan Budi Darmawan

The military takeover of Myanmar puts ASEAN in a difficult position, limiting the boundaries of the forum and areas that do not support democratization

Knowledge Management of No-Till Farming in a Highland Area: A Case Study of Farmers in Mae Na Chon Sub-district, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province

Nathitakarn Phayakka ,Anupong Wongchai ,Fapailin Chaiwan ,Nobumasa Hatcho ,Shinogi Yoshiyuki ,Van Van Kim

The purpose of this research was to assess the knowledge level of the project participants on no-till farming, both before and after learning about no-

Islamic Principles of Self-Leadership

Faiza Adil Gonaim

Self-leadership is an alternative to traditional leadership in which individuals can motivate themselves by embracing self-leadership rather than the t

The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Performance of Stock Broking Companies in Malaysia

Ashley Sani ,Abdul Rahman bin S Senathirajah

This study is conducted in order to examine the practice of good corporate governance by analyzing the board composition, ownership concentration, CEO

Guidelines for Developing Learning with the Crop Rotation System for food Security A Case Study: Princess Ubolratana School Students, Chiang Dao Sub-district, Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nathitakarn Phayakka ,Anupong Wongchai ,Fapailin Chaiwan ,Panuphan Prapatigul ,Priyaphon Khanthabua

This is a research and development paper and its objective is to develop a learning approach to the crop rotation system for food security at Princess

The Path of Emotional Symbolization of Tibetan Dance Form

Shi Xinyu ,Palphol Rodloytuk

This paper studies the emotional symbolization process of Tibetan dance form. This process is rooted in the cultural form of Tibetan dance, especially

Zhao Xia sheng’s Piano Performance Arts

Ying Meng ,Kovit Kantasiri

This paper takes Zhao Xiaosheng as the research object, focuses on his piano creation concept, piano performance concept and piano education concept, a

The Performance Art of Bamboo Flute of the North and South School in China

Yong Zhu ,Palphol Rodloytuk

The Chinese bamboo flute was one of the most representative traditional musical instruments in China. According to the archaeology research, it had a h

The Development and Inheritance of Chinese Folk Vocal Music from the "Theory of Singing

Yunyue Liu ,Kovit Kantasiri

The Theory of Singing is a theoretical work that classifies and studies the art of vocal music by musicians of the Yuan Dynasty in China. This paper pl

Utilizing Digital Diplomacy in the Israeli Discourse to Influence Arab Public Opinion during the Israeli Aggression on Gaza 2021

Izzeddin Khaled Alrantisi ,Norhayati Rafida Abdul Rahim ,Ihab Ahmad Awais ,Wesam Almahallawi

In conjunction with the start of the Arab Spring revolutions, the Israeli occupation state has strengthened its digital diplomatic presence. The Israel

The contents of the editorial in the daily Palestinian newspapers

Anas I. f. Alyazouri ,Dr. Wesam A.m Almahallawi ,Dr. Sofia Hayati Binti Yusoff

The study aimed to identify the contents of the editorial in Al-Quds Palestinian newspaper by analyzing its contents in order to identify its issues an

Heterogeneous Consumer Preference for Certified Palm Oil Sustainability Attributes: Evidence From Stated Preference Survey

Suleiman Alhaji Dauda ,Shaufique Fahmi Sidique ,Tey Yeong Sheng ,Marcel Djama

Consumers’ concern on the adverse effect of the palm oil have contributed towards setting sustainability standard and certification of the palm oil.

Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions on Financial Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions: Evidence from Pre and Post-Financial Crisis

Nurazilah Zainal ,Siti Sara Ibrahim ,Sarah Roslan ,Jamilah Mahyideen ,Mohammed Hariri Bakri

Since the financial crisis of 2007–2009, a very tough situation has been encountered across the financial sector. The crisis has shown that it has ha

The Difference Between Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

M. Y. Al-Abri ,A. Abdul Rahim

This paper aims to explore the relationship between entrepreneurship and small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through a literature review by defi

The impact of transport infrastructure on Readymade garment export in Bangladesh: A gravity model estimation

Mahmuda Akter khuky ,Siong Hook ,Lee Chin ,Mohd Yusof Bin Saari

Transport infrastructure is considered the most important component for international trade by accessing the world market. This study aims to explore i

Cross cultural adjustment of female expatriates in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Aminath Jaya Abdul Hakeem ,Jugindar Singh ,Katar Singh ,Devinder Kaur ,Benjamin Chan ,Yin Fah

Due to globalisation, the role of expatriates has become more critical. However, there is a dearth of studies on the combined effect of emotional intel

The Challenges of Green Management Implementation in Primary Schools: A Case Study in Kluang District, Johor

Lai Chee Sern ,Badaruddin Ibrahim ,D’oria Islamiah Rosli ,Mimi Mohaffyza Mohamad ,Nurul Hidayah Liew Abdullah ,Shahat Md Shah

As part of effort to fight against environmental issues, many educational institutions, including primary schools, start to practice green management

Development and Implementation of Personal Hygiene Information Design for Culinary Vocational Learning

Yeni Yulianti ,Annis Kandriasari ,Yati Setiati

This research aims to developing information design through visual media (poster and pocket book) on personal hygiene, determine the feasibility visual

The mediating effect of diversified capital structure on the relationship between business model innovation and firm performance in China

Tian Xuab ,Umar Haiyat Bin Abdul Kohara

This paper studies the impact of business model innovation on firm performance, the mediating role of diversified capital structure between business mo

The Potential Way Forward for Bank Lending and Peer-to-Peer Lending, and What Should They Do?

Yasser Arafat Akhmad ,Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono ,Subiakto Sukarno

Digital transformation in the financial sector dramatically affects economic growth. The existence of direct social restrictions due to the pandemic an

Understanding behavior-based city congestion: The importance of education towards inter-driver cooperation

Beata Maria De Ocampo ,Manuel Tanpoco ,Catherine Llave

Metro Manila is one of the top congested cities not just in Asia but in the world before and during the pandemic. This descriptive study of the city’


A.A. Fatiah ,Zakiah Pornahono

Background: The Low Carbon City (LCC) approach is a planning measure to help cities reduce carbon and strive for climate change mitigation. Small Urban

Authentic-based multimedia as determinant of learning success among accounting education students in tertiary institutions in southwest nigeria

Olusola-Fadumiye Titilope Olufunke ,Jamalludin B Harun ,Megat Aman Zahiri bin Megat Zakaria

The rising worldwide technology advancement appears to be stimulating the requirement for university education to create good graduate students for eme

How Good Corporate Governance (GCG) With Different Indicators in Affecting Corporate Values: Are The Results Same?

Alfira Sofia ,Oky Dwika Setiadi ,Fitri Nurlaela

Measurement of GCG implementation has several approaches, each of which has a different perspective. Using several indicators of GCG in the study to in

Crime Victims' Perception of the Process of Criminal Case by Law Enforcement in Indonesia


In the process of criminal justice, the victims are not actively involved. The criminal court arbitrates perpetrators because they were charged with vi

Education in hindu theology perspective

I Ketut Donder

True education should make the students become the actual people. The actual people can reach their inner beauty, making them feel like they are standi

Intertextuality in online news coverage of the 2011 jasmine revolution: a comparison between al-jazeera and bbc arabic

Dr Muhammad Marwan Ismail ,Dr Farah Nadia Harun

In remembrance of a decade after the so-called 'Arab Spring' (AS), which still attracted a lot of attention among researchers to examine the uprising f

The problem-based contextual learning: an analysis of effectiveness through students’ learning result

Siti Aisyah ,Azwar Ananda ,Siti Fatimah ,Heri Effendi ,Salman M. Noer ,Muslim, Budi Setiawan

This present study aims to examine the effectiveness ofProblem-Based Contextual Learning model from students' result of learning history subject at SMA

Analyzing online public opinion effect on public policy

Haisheng Hu

The basic purpose of research study measures the analysis in between online public opinion and its effect on public policy. This research study based o

Big Five Personality, Religiosity, Gratitude to God and Well-Being: A Preliminary Investigation

Fadillah Binti Ismail ,Dr. Muhammad Aamir ,Faiza Manzoor ,LUTFAN BIN JAES

Individual personality and its link with religiosity has gained researchers’ attention in the past few decades. But the relationship of religiosity,

The Relationship Between Service Quality and Pilgrims Performers' Satisfaction: An Empirical Evidence from the Hotel's Industry in Saudi Arabia

Akram Ali Jouda ,Hassanuddeen B. Abd. Aziz ,Rajeh Bati Almasradi ,Ahmed H. Alsharif

Hotels struggle to enhance service quality to achieve customer satisfaction in a competitive business environment like the hospitality industry. This s

Implementation of Bank Indonesia's Monetary Policy on Procurement of Main Equipment of The Indonesian Armed Forces Indonesian National Armed Forces

Sri Sundari ,Ivan Yulivan ,Lukman Yudho Prakoso

In Presidential Regulation Number 48 of 2014 concerning the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia's Economic Development (MP3EI)

Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Case of Conventional and Online-Based Transportation in Indonesia

Wagianto ,Irma Rachmawati Maruf ,Tamaulina Br Semirings ,Ari Purwadi

Online-based transportation is one of innovational features to support human life. It invades throughout the world, including Indonesia. Therefore, thi

Foundations and Dimensions of Sustainable Development in Saudi Arabia for 2030

Ammar Saadoon Albadry ,Faten Mohammed Oraibi

The creation of successful policies in the development process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone through multiple stages according to well delibe

Agile Leadership and Its Impact on Organizational Innovation by Mediating High Involvement

Basim Abbas Kraidy Jassmy ,Enas Abdul Hussein Katea

This study aims to demonstrate the impact of agile leadership in achieving organizational innovation through the intermediary role of higher Involvemen

The Possibility of Using Mystery Shopping to Provoke Purchasing Behavior

Israa Nazim Abdel-Zahra ,Atheer Abdel Amir Hassouni

The current study aimed to shed light on the possibility of using mystery shopping to provoke the purchasing behavior of a sample of customers and pers

The impact of entrepreneurial vigilance on innovation by business model: mediating role of entrepreneurial learning: An analytical study of opinions of a sample of administrative leaders in private banks in Middle Euphrates Provinces

Jawad Muhsin Radhi ,Rasha Hameed Neama

The aim of the research is to test the impact of entrepreneurial vigilance in its dimensions (vigilant survey and research, vigilant connectivity and c

Spiritual Leadership and Its Impact on Job Stability by Mediating Organizational Justice: An Analytical Study of Opinions of a Sample of Teaching Staff in Iraqi Private Universities in the Middle Euphrates Provinces

Basim Abbas Kraidy Jassmy ,Sakina Karim Mahdi

The purpose of the current research is to determine the impact of spiritual leadership on job stability by mediating organizational justice through the

The Impact of Green Supply Chain Management on Achieving Excellence Performance: Analysis Study of Opinions of a Sample of Employees of General Company for Rubber and Tire Industries, Al Diwaniya Tire Factory

Hamid Kathem Mutaab Alshibawi ,Enas shahid Halleem

The current study aims at verifying the level of impact of the management of the green supply chain in achieving the distinguished performance in the G

Iraqi Judicial Applications and International Standards for the Accused's Right to Defense

Rafad Muhsin Rahman ,Zainab Kadhim Motlag Al Marzog ,Huda Abdul Razzaq Al-Asadi

The right to defend the accused is one of the basic guarantees that every accused must have based on the principle of innocence in the accused, taking

The Legal Effect of the Head of State's Objection to Draft Laws in Parliamentary Systems

Jasim M. Shallal

The right to object to bills is one of the most important means of mutual control between the legislative and executive authorities in the parliamentar

The Role of Parliamentary Committees in Monitoring the Work of the Executive Power an Analytical Study in Light of the Provisions of the Bylaws of the Syrian People's Assembly 2017

Rima Al-Rifai ,Jamila Sharbaji

Parliamentary committees are the mainstay of legislative and oversight work in all parliaments of the world. It plays a key role in fulfilling many of

Measuring the Effect of Some Monetary Variables on the Gross Domestic Product in Iraq for the Period for the Period (2004-2020)

Nadia Khedir Gnawi ,Douaa Hakim Fali

The researches aim to demonstrate the economic effects of monetary variables on the gross domestic product in Iraq, and to determine the direction of t

The Role of Demarketing Strategy in Improving Brand Reputation: An Analytical Study of The Opinions of a Sample of Nutritional Supplement Users Who Frequent Bodybuilding Centers in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate

Marwoan Abd Ul Husein Mohsan ,Atheer Abdul Ameer Hassoni

This study aims to search for the effect of the Demarketing strategy with its dimensions (price raising, counter-advertising, distribution, reducing pr

The Quality of the External Audit and its Impact on Financial Performance: An Exploratory Study of a Sample of the Opinions of Auditors in the Private Sector

Dheyaa Zamil Khudhair ,Ali Jabbar Abed

The aim of the research is to identify the extent of the impact of the quality determinants of external auditing on financial performance, and to ident

Development Policies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Reality and Challenges

Ammar Saadoon Albadry ,Baneen Saad safi

The study of the policies followed by a political system is what shows us that there is actual development or not, so this study aims to verify the hyp

Measuring and Analyzing the Impact of Bank Cash Credit on the Growth of the Iraqi Economy for the Period (2004-2020)

Nazar Kadhim Sabah Al-Khaykanee ,Randa Shaker Jassim

Bank credit is one of the most attractive banking activities for managing commercial banks and other intermediary financial institutions, but at the sa

Measuring and Analyzing the Impact of Public Debt on Spending for A Year Using the ARDL Model in Iraq for the Period (2004-2020)

Nazar Kadhim Sabah Al-Khaykanee ,Yusra Rasem Jabbar

With the increase in the budget deficit, the borrowing increases with it, and consequently the burden of its services in terms of interest and installm

Indicators of the Performance of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Development Policies

Baneen Saad Safi ,Ammar Saadoon Albadry

This study aims to show the most important development indicators in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the most important policies, plans and developmen

Components of State-Building in Iraq Post-2003

Rahman Abdul-Hussain Al-Zaher ,Fatima Jawad Kazim

Post-2003, Iraq went through an important historical period, which led to radical change at various political, economic and social levels. Especially t

Sino-Indian Rivalry for Regional Dominance in South Asia since 2013

Nawar Muhammad Rabie ,Hamsah Amer Najm Hassan

South Asia is one of the most important fields of Sino-Indian competition, especially since each country sees itself as the main pole. India adopts the

The Geomorphological Aspects in Diyala Governorate and the Possibility of Investing Them for Tourism Activity According to the Perspective of Sustainable Development Using RS and GIS Techniques

Nagham Mansour Obaid

Diyala Governorate has many unique and diverse geomorphological features that the region enjoys, which are among the attractions for natural tourism, a

The Quality of Blended Education and Its Relationship to Flexible Thinking among Male and Female Teachers of the Arabic Language

Hamzah Hashim Mhaimeed Al-Sultani ,Ahmed Kadhim Hammood Al-Saidi

The aim of the current research is to identify: Correlational relationship between the quality of blended education and flexible thinking for male and

Acceptance of Risk in Medical Matters as a Means of Paying Civil Liability

Nasir Muhammad Saeed Al-Balawi

The study aimed to clarify the legal conditions for the idea of accepting medical risk and to clarify the legal and legal position of accepting medical

Role of Evidence in Forming the Conviction of the Criminal Judge

Ahmed Jabbar Hussein ,Hayder Ars Afan

Evidence is a part or element of the evidence, it is not complete or sufficient evidence, but it is reinforcing other evidence then it rises to the lev

The Repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis on the Future of the International System

Yasmeen Jamous

This research deals with the current Ukrainian crisis in terms of causes and repercussions on the future of the current international system, which beg

Analyzing Commodity Structure of Iraqi Non-Oil Imports with Qatar 2003-2021

Ahmed Yahya Anouz ,Ammar Nahi Athab Salah

Many economic studies have shown that the variables of the structure of external trade (imports) have an influence on the gross domestic product and mo

Analyzing Patterns of Spatial Distribution of Secondary Education Services in Babylon Governorate of Iraq by Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Ameera Mohammed Ali Hamza Al-Asaadi ,Breer Jawad Kadhim Rashg

Secondary Education services are among the necessary services that contribute to the development of personal skills and capabilities of individuals, as

Investor's Rights and Impact on Foreign Status in Investment Act No. 13 of 2006

Yassin Kadhum Hassan Al-Mawla ,Abdul Rasoul Abdul Reda Al Asadi

Investment affects and is influenced by the legal norms and economic factors of each country, so it was the subject of legal and economic interest. Als

The Impossibility of Implementing the Commercial Supply Contract in Light of the Corona Pandemic

Yassin Kadhum Hassan Al-Mawla

The supply contract is subject as a general asset to the general law, but may be subject to the private law based on the nature, character, and subject

The Spatial Analysis of the Participation Rate of the 2021 Elections at Babylon Governorate

Zaid A. H. Al-khafaji ,Rasha Mahdi Saleh Al Bayati

The study dealt with the four electoral districts of Babylon Governorate, which was concerned with the spatial distribution of electoral participation

Analyzing Characteristics of Staff and Shoppers in the Commercial Sector in Al-Hashimia District in 2022

Sahar Abdulhadi Hussein Al-Sharifi ,Duaa Sabar Hilal

The present study is an attempt to identify general characteristics of staff and shoppers in Al-Hashimia district because the development and progress

Freudian Overtones: A Comparative Study of Beckett's Endgame and Pinter's The Caretaker

Zena Dhia Mohammed Hassan ,Dheyaa Khaleel Nayel

Psychoanalysis is one of the most controversial and critical approaches to literature. Psychological evaluation of literary texts developed simply as m

Cartographic Representation of Drinking Water Complexes and Projects Service Efficiency of Hilla District

Ameera Mohammed Ali Hamza Al-Asaadi ,Miaad Abbas Barhi Khalil Al-Shammary

The technological improvement that has reached the world in various fields has prompted geographical and analytical studies to keep pace with scientifi

The Economic Potential of Industrial Investment in Karbala Governorate

Abbas Fadel Obaid Al-Taei ,Mohamed Hassouni Mohamed

In light of the orientation of the economic policy after 2003 in Iraq towards a free economy, and support for investment activity in the various sector

Efficiency of Spatial Distribution of Gas Stations in Babylon Using (GIS)

Ameera Mohammed Ali Hamza Al-Asaadi ,Ahmed Dhiyaa Mussa Jabir Al-Khafaji

Public services, including fuel and gas station services are among the most important services that reflect the extent of development witnessed by citi

Spatial Distribution of Industrial Facilities and their Branches in Al-Qassim City

Mahmoud Mohammad Hassan Al-Shammary ,Azhar Muhammad Hilal Salman Al-Amri

Industrial job is basically an urban job that requires a set of requirements for its establishment and success. It needs elements that are available in

The Process of Formation of a Political Elite in The Arab States: Features and Problems

Abhari Ayman Shaukat Faris, Seisen N.B. ,Abdyrakhmanov Tolobek ,Tukhmarova Shyrynkul ,Nurgazinova Svetlana

The article deals with the problems of the formation of the political elite in the Arab countries. The process of the formation of an elite in any soci

Spatial Variation of Reasons of Spread of the Corona Pandemic among Babylon’s Residents in 2020

Sahar Abdulhadi Hussein Al-Sharifi ,Khalid Mahdi Khudhair Obeis

The Corona pandemic is a global pandemic that was not limited to a specific geographical area, but it included the whole world due to the nature of the

Reforming Trade Unions in The Republic of Kazakhstan

N.V. Gileva ,S.Zh. Aidarbayev ,D.Q. Zhekenov

The article deals with the trade unions reforming issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan which involve protection of labour and employment rights, and se

Changes Impact Assessment on National Legislation Development in International Law

Mukhtar B. Baktybekov ,Marat Zh. Kaibzhanov ,Nurolla E. Yessenzholov ,Aibek B. Seidanov ,Akylbek K. Nurlin ,Guliya T. Shagiyeva,

The legal system of Kazakhstan is based on the Romano-Germanic legal system. The current law in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the norms of the Constitu

Implementation of Bank Indonesia's Monetary Policy on Procurement of Main Equipment of The Indonesian Armed Forces Indonesian National Armed Forces

Sri Sundari ,Ivan Yulivan ,Lukman Yudho Prakoso

In Presidential Regulation Number 48 of 2014 concerning the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia's Economic Development (MP3EI)

Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Case of Conventional and Online-Based Transportation in Indonesia

Wagianto ,Irma Rachmawati Maruf ,Tamaulina Br Sembiring ,Ari Purwadi

Online-based transportation is one of innovational features to support human life. It invades throughout the world, including Indonesia. Therefore, thi

HR Quality in Talent Management Relationship and Employee Performance in State Owned Enterprises

Sitti Mujahida Baharuddin ,Jumiaty Nurung ,Fadhillah Fitri Ilahi S. ,Hasmin Tamsah ,Sri Rahmi

State-owned enterprises must manage their human resources well to develop following changes in intense competition. Antam (Persero) Tbk UBPN Southeast

Invention Tradition on Subak Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site, Jatiluwih, Bali Island, Indonesia

Arief F. Rachman ,Lukman Yudho Prakoso ,Surya F. Boediman ,Rianto

The traditional investment of the Subak Jatiluwih area into a tourist destination is strengthened by its recognition as a Cultural Landscape World Heri

The Cultural Tourism of Bakar Tongkang as National Tourism Event in Indonesia: Strategy and Economic Impact

Yanti Mayasari Ginting ,Helly Aroza Siregar ,Silvia Sari Sitompul

The aim of this qualitative research is to analysis the strategies of the ecosystem of tourism to emerge Bakar Tongkang event, as national cul

Perception of educational quality in university students. Lessons for post-COVID educational scenarios

Consuelo Nora Casimiro Urcos ,Walther Hernán Casimiro Urcos ,Enrique Alejandro Barbachan Ruales ,Fidel Ramos Ticlla ,Javier Francisco Casimiro Urcos ,Enaidy Reynosa Navarro

In this research, a study of the perception of educational quality was carried out in fourteen Public Licensed Universities in the northern, southern,

Features and prospects of the constitutional control body activity on constitutionalism formation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mukhtar Baktybekov ,Assel Sakabaykyzy ,Maigul Matayeva ,Eldana Maishekina ,Aidos Zhumadilov ,Aliya Koshkinbayeva ,Bolatbek Tleulov

Constitutional development and ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution will be one of the main issues today. At the same time, a special place is oc

Analysis of the Psychological and Social Impact of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Used Amongst Teenagers in India

Dr. Azimkhan B. Pathan ,Prashant Chakravarty

Substance misuse among India's youth has reached frightening proportions. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is on the rise due to changing cultural attitu

Expanding the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to investigate e-learning usage behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic: Islamic Higher Education Institution (IHEI) context

Abd. Haris ,Nur Asnawi ,Muhammad Asnan Fanani

This study extends the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to explore the factors
that determine the use of e-learning among Islamic higher education


Akhmad Haries ,Agus Setiawan

The tendency to understand old texts by studying classical books has increased,
especially in studying the book about Marriage. It is due to the aw

Green HRM: A strategic tool to Promote Green Behaviors among Nurses

Sonaina Saif Gill ,Dr. Johanim Johari ,Dr. Tan Fee Yean

The current study analyzes the impacts of green health and safety ma

Contradictory legal judgments A study in the Jordanian Civil Procedure Code

Dr.Mashal Mufleh jarrah ,Dr. Mohamed F. Ghazwi

The purpose of issuing judgments is to protect rights. Courts may issue many judgments, and these judgments may contradict each other, or a single judg

Implementation of national human rights judicial rulings in Jordanian law

Dr. Mishaal Mufleh Jarrah ,Dr. Muhammad Farhan Al-Taani

Many judicial rulings are issued by the national courts, and these rulings are useless if they are not implemented. Either those national human rights

Role of all india muslim personal law board in reforming muslim personal law

Purba Das ,Dr. Manika Kamthan

In a holistic study (Chowdhury, 2021), for many centuries, the debate on the superiority of the Indian constitution against the country's religious mor

The process of Objecting to the Customs Decisions in Iraq

Lect. Husham Mohammed Hamood

The issue of settling customs disputes arising between the customs authority and taxpayers is one of the most important topics of research, which raise

The Legal Guarantees for the Public Employee in the Disciplinary case A comparative

Instructor, Salma gadban Hussein ,Instructor, HUSHAM MOHAMMED HAMOOD AL HILFI

In order for public employees to preserve their constitutional and legal rights from being abused by the administration in disciplinary actions, law gr

The Right of State to Punishment and its impact on Criminal Policy

Instructor Salma gadban Hussein

To protect social interests worthy of protection, states have the right of punishment in order to combat crime in society by drawing up a sophisticated