The Relationship Between HR Practices, Personality, and perceived organizational support

Mohammed I.F. Dawwas
Keywords: Human Resource Management, HRM Practices, Perceived Organizational Support, Conscientiousness, Personality. ,


Despite the fact that much earlier research have looked into the direct relationship between human resource practices and perceived organizational support, few have looked into the circumstances in which the strength of this association might differ. In a non-western setting of Palestine sector health, this study examined whether the strength of the five motivational and supportive practices of human resource management as linked to organizational support differs among employees with high Conscientiousness and low Conscientiousness assistance. Quantitative data was gathered from 12 public hospitals in Palestine and Gaza, and AMOS software (version 24) was used to examine the association and the moderating effect of conscient. Job characteristics, training, performance evaluation, career advancement, salary, and perceived organizational support all have a positive and substantial link, according to this study. Furthermore, conscientiousness was found to moderate the relationship among human resource practices (job characteristics, performance appraisal, and compensation) and perceived organizational support, but not the relationship between training and career advancement and perceived organizational support. As a result, hypothesis 2 received partial support in this investigation. Conceptual and applied ramifications, as well as study limits and recommendations for further research, were also examined.