Perception of educational quality in university students. Lessons for post-COVID educational scenarios

Consuelo Nora Casimiro Urcos ,Walther Hernán Casimiro Urcos ,Enrique Alejandro Barbachan Ruales ,Fidel Ramos Ticlla ,Javier Francisco Casimiro Urcos ,Enaidy Reynosa Navarro
Keywords: Educational quality, teaching innovation, student perception, COVID-19. ,


In this research, a study of the perception of educational quality was carried out in fourteen Public Licensed Universities in the northern, southern, central and eastern zones of Peru in Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering. The motivations for this study arose from the need to answer questions such as: does the perception of quality that students have of the university to which they belong depend on the program of study they belong? , does it depend on the program of study to which they belong? and, above all, how is the perception of educational quality formed in students? Data collection was carried out through the application of an instrument made up of 46 questions, divided into three main pillars: research, teaching performance and infrastructure. Our results showed that students in Health Sciences programs reported on average a higher perception of quality while Engineering students were the most critical. The physical infrastructure of the institution to which they belong is among the aspects least valued by students when getting an idea of educational quality, while the most valued aspects are related to teaching pedagogy, continuous evaluation and research orientation.