Big Five Personality, Religiosity, Gratitude to God and Well-Being: A Preliminary Investigation

Fadillah Binti Ismail ,Dr. Muhammad Aamir ,Faiza Manzoor ,LUTFAN BIN JAES
Keywords: Big-five personality, Gratitude to God, Religiosity, Students, Well-being. ,


Individual personality and its link with religiosity has gained researchers’ attention in the past few decades. But the relationship of religiosity, personality, gratitude and well-being has largely been under investigated. Against this backdrop, this study entailed investigation of the mentioned relationship. The data for the current study was collected from two business schools of a large public sector university in Pakistan. 314 responses were received and used for statistical analysis. The findings highlight that the personality is significantly related with one’s religiosity. Interestingly, all dimensions of personality are not linked with religiosity, as agreeableness, conscientiousness are related with intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity. Openness to experience is only related with the external-social religiosity. Religiosity, gratitude to God and well-being are also related. Implications and future directions for researchers are also provided at the end of the study.