The Geomorphological Aspects in Diyala Governorate and the Possibility of Investing Them for Tourism Activity According to the Perspective of Sustainable Development Using RS and GIS Techniques

Nagham Mansour Obaid
Keywords: Tourism activity, sustainable development, RS and GIS technologies ,


Diyala Governorate has many unique and diverse geomorphological features that the region enjoys, which are among the attractions for natural tourism, as the natural environment is considered a maker of tourism. The importance of geomorphological aspects as components of natural tourism is due to their association with tourism and entertainment, as a result of the enjoyment of many geomorphological aspects of the beauty of its natural landscape on the one hand, and on the other hand, the association of these manifestations with different types of tourism activity. Any tourist area as it is the main factor for tourist attractions, such as the presence of the Hamrin hills, and sand dunes. Planning for the development of tourism activity in the governorate is carried out through the use of RS and GIS technologies, through the preparation of designs, maps, and determination of tourism development sites based on field studies, satellite images, visuals and base maps. As well as working on developing infrastructure and linking the study area with neighboring cities and providing paved roads for easy access to it, which attract tourists and affect the sustainable development in the governorate.