The Influence of Green Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance in Retail Sector in Bahrain

Mrs. Sara Almeer ,Dr. Qais Ahmed Almaamari
Keywords: Green Human Resource Management, Organizational performance, Retail Sector. ,


Improving the Organizational Performance is the key factor to ensure the organizations’ sustainability in the market. This research attempts to examining the Influence of the Green Human Resource Management in enhancing the Organizational Performance in Retails Sector in Kingdom of Bahrain, the literature review proposed three areas under the organizational performance as per the Triple Bottom Line concept (Financial performance, Social performance, and the environmental performance). And four factors presenting the Human Resource Management (Green Recruitment & Selection (GRS), Green Training & Development (GT&D), Green Performance Management (GPM), Green Rewards & Compensations (GRC)). Quantitative approach was used to examine the relationship through distribution the questionnaire among 416 employees in retail sector in Kingdom of Bahrain, and the data was analyzed by using SPSS version 25.0. The result was showing that (GRS), (GT&D), and (GRC) have statistically significant/positive relationships on the Organizational Performance. However, it did not show a statistically sufficient support for (GPM). So, (GPM) has no important in the dependent (Organizational Performance). Also, it’s been found that the demographic factors (Age, Size of the Organization, Level of Employment, Salary Range, Gender, and Years of Experience) are all showing an important influence on the organizational performance except Level of Education which was showing no important in the dependent. As a result, this research is suggesting to the organizations to develop their Human Resource Management’s strategies through GRS, GT&D, and GRC to improve their Organizational Performance.