The Process of Formation of a Political Elite in The Arab States: Features and Problems

Abhari Ayman Shaukat Faris, Seisen N.B. ,Abdyrakhmanov Tolobek ,Tukhmarova Shyrynkul ,Nurgazinova Svetlana
Keywords: political elite, the Arab world, the Arab state, Islam, power, numerous peoples. ,


The article deals with the problems of the formation of the political elite in the Arab countries. The process of the formation of an elite in any society is associated primarily with those socio-political processes, cultural and mental characteristics, as well as with the socio-economic situation that dominates the state. Cultural and mental characteristics are due to the historical formation of the nation, the development of statehood, the formation of a system of civilizational values. The political elite, consisting of ideology, must be based on the corresponding axiological determinants, mental and ethical, which reflect the main characteristics of the public perception of the world, so that the political elite can successfully seize and retain power. All this necessitates the study of the problems of the political elite, based on new conceptual approaches.