Analyzing Characteristics of Staff and Shoppers in the Commercial Sector in Al-Hashimia District in 2022

Sahar Abdulhadi Hussein Al-Sharifi ,Duaa Sabar Hilal
Keywords: The commercial sector, shoppers, staff, questionnaire form ,


The present study is an attempt to identify general characteristics of staff and shoppers in Al-Hashimia district because the development and progress of the commercial sector depends on their characteristics. The study is carried out through the field study, (417) questionnaire forms, and (ARC GIS) for drawing maps. Characteristics of staff are variant in terms of demographic aspects. It is noticed that there is an increase of staff in the age group of (30-40). Male staff are double the number of females, which is due to social customs and traditions that still restrict women’s work. As for academic qualification, an increase is noticed in the number of staff with bachelor degree, which has a major role in dealing with shoppers. Staff in the study area are characterized by a high rate of income that ranges from (500000-1000000) because some staff are employees. Shops are mostly rented. Shoppers are characterized by a high rate of the age group of (30-40), which has a role in providing more commercial services Because they are characterized by the diversity of tendencies and desires. Married shoppers constitute a high rate, which has a role in the increase of demand for goods due to The large number of needs. The increase in the number of family of more than (6) members is (50%), which increases the purchasing power, provided that they are staff. The statistical analysis is done based on the questionnaire and the (SPSS) program for staff and shoppers using the Curt's quintuple scale and Cronbach's alpha stability coefficient. Through the statistical analysis, it is found that the level of shoppers' satisfaction with the situation of shops is moderate.