Guaranteeing Principles of Equity and Equivalence in Land Valuation when the State Recovers Land in Vietnam

Tran Cong Lap ,Phan Trung Hien
Keywords: Land price, compensation for damage, the balance of interests, etc ,


When it comes to land recovery, compensation, support, and resettlement in Vietnam, land compensation and prices are always the main concerns of the mass media. This is because complaints and lawsuits of the people in land recovery are mainly about land prices for compensation. To clarify the criteria to ensure that the land valuation for compensation is equitable and equivalent to the standards of the United Nations and the developed countries, the article collates these criteria with the land law of Vietnam. From there, this article indicates the shortcomings in determining land prices in Vietnam, finds the causes, and proposes feasible and appropriate solutions in the land valuation for compensation in Vietnam to ensure that core factors are equitable and equivalent.