The Political Participation of The Elderly in Aceh: Potential and Reality

Irwan Putra ,Karim Suryadi ,Rahmat ,Siti Komariah
Keywords: Political participation, the elderly, potential and reality ,


The participation of the elderly in politics is greatly anticipated since it serves as a barometer of the democratic system's distance from citizens. The elderly have political potential that can be utilized to ensure democracy's long-term viability. However, even though the elderly have the highest place in society's social structure, their political engagement continues to dwindle. On this basis, the elderly's political involvement potential and reality must be revealed to bridge and increase their political participation. The phenomenology method was applied in this study. Using this method allows this studyto start from empirical data independently from the field directly and then draw meaningsubjectively according to the existing reality. As the primary source of research, informants have physical and psychological specialties because the respondents are elderly people who are more than 60 years old. Purposive sampling and snowball sampling were used to pick respondents. Only 20 people were used as intensive sources of in-depth information during the research. The study's results indicate that the elderly have various potentials that can be used to support their political engagement, including knowledge, skills, wisdom, and ideology. The elderly, on the other hand, confront stereotype obstacles, including the desire of young people to take and dominate political positions and political pragmatism, which makes them reluctant to participate in politics.