The Judicial System in the Federal State U.S as a Model

Mohammad Taha Hussein AL-Husseini
Keywords: Constitutional Judiciary, Federal System, Supreme Court, Appeal. ,


The judicial or the system of courts in the United States of America is characterized by duality, in the sense that there are two types of the judiciary that differ according to the territorial scope of each. The first type of the courts has jurisdiction over the entire territory of the state, which are the federal courts, while the second includes state or local courts, and its jurisdiction is limited to the geographical region of the state. In addition, the Federal Supreme Court is the highest court in the U.S and has a set of jurisdictions, the most important of them may be exercising the role of the constitutional judiciary in addition to other jurisdictions. For this purpose, the descriptive approach was employed to study and analyse the characteristics and jurisdictions of the federal judicial system in the United States of America.