The Repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis on the Future of the International System

Yasmeen Jamous
Keywords: The Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Russian invasion of Ukraine, The causes of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, The geopolitical importance of Ukraine, Security implications of the Ukraine crisis on Europe. ,


This research deals with the current Ukrainian crisis in terms of causes and repercussions on the future of the current international system, which began when Ukraine announced on the twenty-fourth of February Moscow's start of its military operation in its territory. On the morning of the twenty-fourth of February of this year, Kyiv announced that Moscow had started its military operations with a ground invasion of its lands, a day after the President of Donetsk and the President of Luhansk asked the Russian President to intervene to protect them from the address of the Ukrainian forces, a step was taken by Moscow to raise the concern and fear of the world. From a possible clash between Russia and NATO in Ukraine after a war of statements and mutual threats between the two parties. As a result of this surprising step, there were analyzes and speculations about the future of the international system, and perhaps the future of the whole world. Especially in light of Russia brandishing the nuclear weapons card on more than one occasion, the latest of which was the Russian President’s statement that puts the Russian nuclear deterrent forces on high alert. The crisis still exists until this writing, and its conditions change between signs of calm and escalation from time to time.