The Creative Education in University in china

Wenqing Wang ,Intan Marfarrina Binti Omar ,Fatt Hee Tie
Keywords: Creative education; universities; creative environment; creative teachers; creative teaching methods ,


The main purpose of creative education is to develop students' initiative and creativity. Creative education has a deep historical background, and research and practice about it have never stopped throughout history. The key to the realization of creative education lies in the establishment of creative environment, the training of creative teachers and the use of creative teaching methods. Since colleges and universities are the main bases for training talents, it is essential to implement creative education in colleges and universities. However, the development of creative education in China still faces some challenges and needs corresponding countermeasures to cope with them. This study uses literature research method to provide a comprehensive description of creative education, including its concept, historical evolution, and specific methods, analyzes the current situation of creative education in China's colleges and universities, and gives corresponding suggestions. This study can provide some theoretical basis for the study of creative education and give some substantial and practical suggestions for the development of creative education in China.