Zhao Xia sheng’s Piano Performance Arts

Ying Meng ,Kovit Kantasiri
Keywords: music performance, zhaoxiaosheng,Zhao Xiaosheng's piano performance aesthetics and musical spiritual connotation ,


This paper takes Zhao Xiaosheng as the research object, focuses on his piano creation concept, piano performance concept and piano education concept, and focuses on the technical characteristics with Chinese spirit in his creation, the unique performance techniques in his performance and the steel piano theory written for performance and teaching. Integrate all Zhao Xiaosheng's piano works and performances, and clean up the logical connection between his theory and various elements of performance, so as to present the process of Chinese artists forming their own unique style through their own creation, performance and theoretical research. Put his piano theory on the historical dimension to reveal his inheritance and innovation of piano performance in the historical development, and use the research methods of qualitative and quantitative methods to collect, store and sort out the data of Zhao Xiaosheng's piano performance artistic style, so as to explain the internal law of his piano performance art, By exploring the relationship between it and the detailed processing in music works, such as description and analysis of physical practice and performance process, performance and performance techniques, timbre processing, image creation, fingering combination routine and performance, we strive to have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding and Research on Zhao Xiaosheng's piano performance art, and excavate the excellence of his piano performance art, This paper expounds its unique mode of Chinese piano performance art system, provides a certain basis and reference for Chinese piano performance art, and makes a supplement and improvement to the research of Chinese piano performance art.