Indicators of the Performance of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Development Policies

Baneen Saad Safi ,Ammar Saadoon Albadry
Keywords: Performance Indicators, Kurdistan Regional Government, Development Policies, Iraq. ,


This study aims to show the most important development indicators in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the most important policies, plans and development programs carried out by decision makers in the Kurdistan Regional Government to promote various sectors within society. This study aims to investigate the hypothesis that it is the study of policies followed by a political system that indicates that there is actual development or not, and that development policies are the product of an effective political system capable of meeting the demands and ambition of the people and thus their political stability. This study used several approaches in order to address and familiarize with all aspects related to the subject such as the descriptive approach and the systems analysis approach. The study concluded that by reviewing the reality of development and development policies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, it was found that the main driver for the development of society is the political decision-maker because of its importance in the development of society. The more the public interest is ahead of his personal interest, the more it contributes to achieving sustainable and effective development of society, through the use of a rational development policy at the lowest cost and the most rational benefit made by the decision-maker. The study also recommended that it is necessary for the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to focus its development policies on the development of the political field, and that the objectives of development policies are not limited to economic and social advancement and no government can achieve advanced degrees of success in economic and social public policies unless it is development in the political field through political pluralism and making democracy a method of governance.