Vol. 16 No. 2 (2023): February 2023

The development of vocational skill programs to improve job readiness for students with mental disabilities

Eka Yuli Astuti ,Embun Fattikasari ,Rian Herdiana ,Rozan Ta’azul Maaruf ,Yayan Mardiyanto

Vocational education is closely related to life skills or life skills needed in society. Vocational skills are very important in education for students

Coping strategy families with moderately mentally retarded children at slb bcd ypkr cicalengka, bandung regency

H.A Barnas EK ,Nur Asyiah ,Wina Agustini ,Siti Nurazizah ,Rini Sinta Dewi

The stress of parents during covid-19 is getting bigger. Children with moderate mental retardation are starting to learn from home. This study aims to

Implementation of unit management standards in improving the quality of paud services in al irsyad al-islamiyyah kindergarten and baitul maqdis kindergarten

Anita Kresnawaty ,Iim Wasliman ,Hanafiah ,Faiz Karim Fatkhullah

The success of an educational concept is highly dependent on the commitment to make a positive contribution to improving education services for student

Mustahik empowerment management in improving public welfare (Case Study of the Warung Baznas Program, the Movement for the Prosperity of Mosques and Prayer Rooms, and One District, One Bachelor in Sukabumi Regency)

Unang Sudarma ,Iim Wasliman ,Sofyan Sauri ,Faiz Karim ,Fathullah

The background this dissertation research is motivated by the problem of community poverty and the utilization of zakat that has not been maximized and

Implementation of operational assistance policy in the implementation of early childhood education (bop paud) in improving the quality of paud in west bandung district

Wika Karina Damayanti ,N. Dede Khoeriyah ,Nandang Koswara ,Sri Handayani

This research is motivated by a large budget for PAUD operations, but in fact the service for early childhood education is relatively low, the Gross Pa

Implementation of strengthening religious moderation values in santri in garut regency

Ernawati, Ulfiah ,Ida Tejawiani ,Agus Mulyanto

The government responded to the strengthening of intolerance among students, including by issuing Decree of the Minister of Religion (KMA) No. 184 of 2

Life skill learning management in improving entrepreneurship student at smk negeri south tangerang

Toto Sunarto ,Iim Wasliman ,Waska Warta ,Ida Tejawiani

This research is motivated by the weak life skills and entrepreneurship of Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan (SMK). The purpose of the study was to an

Management of balanced literacy approach as an effort to strengthen early literacy proficiency: a case study in early children's education units in kota bandung

Anna Farida Kurniasari ,Ade Tutty R Rosa ,Muhammad Andriana Gaffar ,Rianti Cahyani

Literacy skills must be mastered by children as early as possible for the purposes of learning at school and their life in society. Therefore, a well d

The role of the principle in improving education quality through supervision system and teacher performance

Nelrita K ,Ade Tutty R Rosa ,Sofyan Sauri ,Adjat Sudrajat

Education plays an important role in the civilization of a nation. Education is expected to reach humanity as a whole. The quality of educators in educ

Melikise Against the Pandemic: Revealing Spirituality in the Tradition of the Manalu-Lesabe Society, Tabukan Selatan District, Sangihe Islands Regency

Farno Gerung ,Meily Meiny Wagiu ,Yolanda Nany Palar ,Frety Cassia Udang

Melikise is one of the traditions that exist in the Manalu-Lesabe indigenous people. Melikise is a tradition that is believed to be able to ward off ev

Integrative education quality development model a practical approach to improving the quality of the islamic education management department

Suklani ,Imam Sibaweh ,Ricky Yoseptry

This study aims to develop an integrative education quality model, a model based on the development of the Juran trilogy, namely: (1) quality planning,

Transformational leadership management of school principles in improving teacher discipline and performance Through effective learning at state high school 2 cirebon city

Suklani ,Imam Sibaweh ,Ricky Yoseptry

The principal has a very important role in developing education in schools. One thing that the principal must do is to do good management. Management t

Online learning management in increasing student achievement at state high school 2 cirebon city

Suklani ,Ricky Yoseptry ,Imam Sibaweh

The background of this research is that the Covid-19 pandemic is a health crisis which has resulted in the closure of schools, colleges and universitie

Project-based learning management In improving the quality of students in state high school 2 cirebon city

Suklani ,Ricky Yoseptry ,Imam Sibaweh

This research is motivated by globalization with various kinds of skills and insights that will continue to grow rapidly, therefore the teacher acts as

Online business training management using applications to improve entrepreneurship skills Students at public vocational high school 1 city of cirebon

Suklani ,Ricky Yoseptry ,Imam Sibaweh

The background of this research is that graduates of vocational high schools (SMK) still contribute the most to unemployment among the educated, so tha

Implementation management of hajj manasik guidance based on religious moderation to realize moderate and independent hajj (Qualitative Descriptive Study at KBIHU Khazanah Mandiri Depok and KBIHU Ibnu Aqil Bogor)

Ade Marpudin ,Iim Wasliman ,Hanafiah ,Nandang Koswara

Quantitatively, Indonesian pilgrims are the largest congregation in the world, the large number of pilgrims has not been matched by the quality of the

Implementation of transformational leadership in islamic boarding school to improve the quality of students: a case study in cirebon and majalengka cities

Tuti Alawiyah ,Ade Tutty Rokhayati Rosa ,Achmad Saefurridjal ,Andriana Gaffar

Transformational leadership styles are increasingly popular to address increasingly complex and dynamic organizational challenges. This study aims to o

Management of basic training of calon pegawai negeri sipil (cpns) in order to improve the work performance of pegawai negeri sipil in bpsdm west java province

Lilis Mulyani Setiasari ,Hanafiah ,N Dede Khoeriah ,Agus Mulyanto

This research is motivated by various performance problems of pegawai negeri sipil, namely work programs that are not completed, performance targets th

Management of higher education internal quality assurance system in increasing the quality of graduates

Muhammad Sularno ,Iim Wasliman ,Hendi Suhendraya Muchtar ,Waska Warta

The problem of this research is that graduates are not in accordance with the needs of the world of work. The results of the research are (1) Graduate

Quality improvement management of private islamic religious education through empowerment of educational personnel (Study at the Operators Forum of Islamic Religious Colleges in Kopertais Region II West Java)

Arif Rahman ,Ulfiah ,Nandang Koswara ,Ahmad Hori

This research is motivated by the low quality of Private Islamic Religious Colleges (PTKIS) in West Java. This can be seen from governance, accreditati

The problem of the recurrent deficit of the federal public budget in Iraq Causes and treatments)

Khairi Ibrahim Murad ,Hiba Jasim Mohammed

It is known that the general budget is a reflection of the state’s philosophy and its role in economic life, and in the event of an imbalance in the

Cases of exemption from administrative warning (Comparative study)

Zahraa Mansoor Mathkoor ,Alaa Ibraheem Al-Husseini

As the administration is exempt from issuing an administrative warning in cases, including what is in the text of the law or the contract itself, and s

Teacher Online Learning Management Effectiveness In Higher Education in Guangzhou, China.

Chen Menger ,Phawani Vijayaratnam

Higher education institutions today have made efforts and inroads in integrating effective online learning mechanisms into their respective institution

Employee Innovative Behavior In The Workplace A High-Performance Work Practice

Jiaqi Zhang ,Associate Professor Dr. Siti Rohaida Binti Mohamed Zainal

The research goal is to apply a conceptual model based on the idea of trait activation to the broad spectrum of human resources practices that inf

Shipping Oil (Iraqi Oil Tanker Company Case Study)

Fatima Rahim Muhammad ,Dr. Jamal Hamid Aldulaimi

This research discussed a topic that is one of the most important topics of economic geography, and one of the important pillars of the Iraqi economy i

Appearances of the Body in the Performance of the Iraqi Theater Actor

Staar Dhakil Safi ,Dr. Jabbar Khamat Hasan

The human body is seen as a body bearing all the symbols that signify it, moreover being the motivator of life in it, affecting its dynamism and able t

Documenting the popular uprising in Iraq in 1991 - an analytical study of the articles published on the Al-Hiwar civilized website

Mortada Hassan Ali Al-Shamry ,Isra Shakir Hassan Al Jouani ,Rana Ahmed Rajab

Electronic documentation is among the references that many researchers and academics resort to complete their research. For this reason, the electronic

The Rise of Turkey and Impact Towards Regionalism: An Analysis

Noraini Zulkifi ,Shahrizan Sahari ,Mohamad Ikhram Ridzuan

President Erdogan took office on 2014 after won election. Since then, Turkey has changed a lot from moderate country in 1980 to a developing country in

Constitutional Protection for the Right to form Trade Unions

Iman Jassam Mohammed

The freedom to form and join trade unions is one of the fundamental rights enshrined in international laws and supported by national laws, legislation,

Pemilu dan pilkada serentak 2024 yang efisien Melalui regulasi dan strategi bawaslu

Darwin Nahwan ,Boris Syaifullah ,Lia Lestari ,Budi Setiawan ,Yuyut Prayuti

Desain sistem penegakan hukum pemilu, pilpres dan pilkada yang ada masih membuka celah banyak pintu birokrasi penegakan hukum. Terlebih hasil penangana

Efficient Control Mechanism Model of Robot Arm Movement In Fractal Form Based on Number of Steps and Amount of Energy Consumption

Tedjo Darmanto ,Cecep Nurul Hidayat ,Panji Maulana Sulaiman ,Devi Nurhayati ,M. Haerul Jabbar

An interesting control mechanism model of robot arm movement can be simulated well in fractal model based on an algorithm called the partitioned-random

Role of students in sustainable achievement 17 Development goals to prepare Golden generation in 2045

Deti Rostini ,Liesna Nurul Widyaningrum ,Endang Siti Julaeha

The role of students is very important in preparing the 2045 Golden Generation which provides solutions to global problems. The purpose of this study i

Fun School Movement Management To Improve The Quality Of The Learning Process In Vocational School Of Center Of Excellence (Descriptive Study at Vocational School 4 and Vocational School 10 Garut Regency)

Neti Achlan ,Hendy S. Muchtar ,Ida Tejawani ,Faiz Karim Fatkhullah

This study aims to get an overview, describe, and analyze Fun School Movement Management to Improve the Quality of the Learning Process at Vocational H

Implementation Of Principal Academic Supervision To Improve Professional Competence Madrasah aliyah teacher in bandung district (Case Study on MA Ar-Rosyidiyah and MA Al-Mufassir Paseh)

Nur Asyiah ,Ade Tutty R Rosa ,Hanafiah ,Supyan Sauri

The general objective of this study is to identify and describe the implementation of school principals' academic supervision to improve the profession

Nonformal Education Management In Improving Quality Of Marginal Communities In The Millenium Era (Qualitative Descriptive Study at PKBM Negeri 17 & PKBM Negeri 04 North Jakarta)

Endang Sondari ,Hendi S Muchtar ,Faiz Karim Fatkhullah ,Agus Mulyanto

This research is a research related to the nonformal management education to improve the quality of education for marginalized communities, which are l

Strategic Management Of Learning Committee Empowerment In Increasing The Quality Of Learning At School Mover (Case Study At Smpn 2 Garut And Smp Plus Nuurul Muttaqiin)

Jajang Supriatna ,Hendi S.Muhtar ,Faiz KarimFatkhullah ,Nandang Koswara

The learning committee empowerment program as a forum for transformative, participatory and sustainable school community awareness activities to improv

The Role of School Management in Efforts to Improve the Quality of Education in Junior High Schools. (Descriptive Analytical Study at SMPN 1 Jayanti, SMPN 2 Curug and SMPN 3 Cikupa in Tangerang District)

Jamalus ,Ade Tutty R. Rosa ,Supyan Sauri ,Yosal Iriantara

The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze the activities carried out in the planning, implementation and evaluation of junior high school

Design Of Interpreting Provisions In The Criminal Procedure Law Reform (Its Urgency In Eradication Of Criminal Actions Of Corruption)

Abdul Wahid ,Setiawan Mandala Putra ,Vivi Nur Qalbi

The Constitutional Court's screening of talks between Anggodo Widjoyo and several individuals suspected of being Indonesian law enforcement personnel s

Is It Election Or Selection: The First-Ever Qatari Shura Council Election Of 2021 In Comparison To The Hong Kong Legislative Council Election Of 2021

Dr. Hamad Hamed Alhababi

Despite the execution of the Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar 2004, which entered into force on April 9, 2004, article 80 stipulates that t

Penal guarantees for the improvement of the offspring of farm animals

Thamer Ramadhan Ameen ,Ammar Abbas Al-hussaini

Increase the productivity of farm animals such as (cows, sheep, goats, poultry, fish) by increasing the quantities of red and white meat, milk and its

The effect of retirement on the social situation of track and field retired players

Dr.Rawaah Adnan Khaliel Suckkarieh ,Dr. Hazem Nouri Al-Nahar. Prof

This study assessed the effect of retirement on the social status among track and field retired players. The descriptive approach was employed.  T

Implementation of women's legal protectionIn religious courts in indonesia

Mardi Candra

The implementation of legal protection for women within Religious Courts is discussed in this paper. As members of a vulnerable group, women frequently

Protection of the Victim's Heirs in Cases of Intentional Homicide Under Islamic Law and its Relationship to Restorative Justice

Budi Sastra Panjaitan ,Arifuddin Muda Harahap

Islamic law has provided for the strictest possible sanctions against perpetrators of intentional homicide, namely qishas.  The wisdom that can be

Strengthening Wildlife Trade Legislation In Curbing The Spread Of Zoonotics Diseases Through Empowerment Of Orang Asli From Malaysia Perspective

S.S., Sulaiman ,N.N., Ahlun ,S., Ishak

The evidence strongly suggests that the first cases of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak were reported in a market in Wuhan.  It is con

Challenges and trauma in handling the administration of small estate cases during covid-19 pandemic: a call for proceeding through remote communication technology in malaysia and pakistan

F., Hussain ,Ibrahim ,Kamil3and G ,Dastagir

In Malaysia and Pakistan, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic causing tension, fear, stress, and anxiety leading to the postponement of cases at the small

Current family law concern – a need for creating legal awareness of domestic violence under the domestic violence act 1994 in malaysia

D.K., Randawar, A ,Kamarudin2 and S ,Jayabalan

Domestic Violence is social concern which is alarming and affecting the society of every nation. The offence occurs in the private sphere in mostly eve

Exploring the Financial Performance of Multipurpose Cooperative

Ferdinand De Guzman

People come together in the form of corporate entities known as cooperatives in order to cater for their own needs in terms of goods and services. In o

Workplace Safety Ergonomics And Employee Productivity Of Manufacturing Firms

Mutegi Tetu Mwenda ,Dr. Paul Mugambi Joshua ,Dr Jesse Kinyua Maina

This study determined the effect of workplace safety ergonomics on employee productivity in manufacturing firms in Kenya. The study was grounded on the

The Mediation Effect of Service Quality on The Relationship Between Relationship Marketing and Customer Satisfaction of Commercial Banks in Kenya.

Geoffrey Mwikamba Bita ,Kennedy Nyabuto Ocharo ,Zippy Mukami Njagi ,Peter Wang’ombe Kariuki

Commercial banks should endeavour in making sure that their customers are delighted by offering quality services. This study sought to assess the media

An Investigation On Secondary School Learners’ Willingness To Participate Into School Sports Activities

Kela Gerald ,Hamutenyah Julia Lettie ,Nkengbeza David

The purpose of this study was to investigate secondary school learners’ willingness to participate in school based sports activities. A total number

Corporate Board Characteristics and Voluntary Disclosure by Firms Listed in East Africa Securities Exchanges

Charity Muthoni Ndegwa ,Peter Wang’ombe Kariuki ,Kennedy Nyabuto Ocharo

Adherence to board characteristics will ensure that corporate voluntary disclosure is an indispensable way for the firms’ management to commune gover

The Nexus Existing Between Ownership Structure and Value of Firms Listed in East Africa Securities Exchanges

Charity Muthoni Ndegwa ,Peter Wang’ombe Kariuki ,Kennedy Nyabuto Ocharo

Firm’s value also referred to as enterprise value or firm value, reflects the aggregate worth of a business or an enterprise. Firm value is investor

The Legal Guarantees for the Public Employee in the Disciplinary case A comparative

Instructor, Salma gadban Hussein ,Instructor, HUSHAM MOHAMMED HAMOOD AL HILFI

In order for public employees to preserve their constitutional and legal rights from being abused by the administration in disciplinary actions, law gr

The Application Of Civil Procedural Law In Pretrial Lawsuit Disputes Against The Position Of Suspects In Indonesia

Hendri Jayadi

Based on Article 1 number 10 jo. Article 77 paragraph (2) of KUHAP does not clearly and unequivocally regulate the validity or not of the determination