Nonformal Education Management In Improving Quality Of Marginal Communities In The Millenium Era (Qualitative Descriptive Study at PKBM Negeri 17 & PKBM Negeri 04 North Jakarta)

Endang Sondari ,Hendi S Muchtar ,Faiz Karim Fatkhullah ,Agus Mulyanto
Keywords: PKBM, Education, Management, Quality, Marginals ,


This research is a research related to the nonformal management education to improve the quality of education for marginalized communities, which are located at PKBM Negeri 17 and PKBM Negeri 04, North Jakarta. This research aim is to know, how the PKBM team manage them. Besides that, the researchers also would like to investigate the budget organization and learning system from the PKBM, teaching planning and evaluation system. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach with a case study method. The research technique is observation and deep interview. The focus for this research is the difficulties for the marginalized in gaining access to good education. By using an educational management theory approach, the researchers aim to research how marginalized groups respond to States PKBM Negeri 17 and PKBM Negeri 04. The research results show that PKBM Negeri 17 received considerable enthusiasm from the community, especially the marginalized. Furthermore, this PKBM can demonstrate that its existence expands the network through the concept of collaboration, allowing management to make comparisons and seize opportunities to develop educational processes and outcomes in accordance with the needs of the time. As for the conclusion, in general, PKBM Negeri 17 & PKBM Negeri 04 has good management and is well accepted by the community. In addition, this PKBM is able to produce graduates who are able to compete in the millennial era.