The role of the principle in improving education quality through supervision system and teacher performance

Nelrita K ,Ade Tutty R Rosa ,Sofyan Sauri ,Adjat Sudrajat
Keywords: Principal Leadership, Supervision System, Teacher Performance, Quality Education ,


Education plays an important role in the civilization of a nation. Education is expected to reach humanity as a whole. The quality of educators in educational institutions should be the main focus in supporting the success of students. In improving the quality of education, the professionalism of educators as executors in the field is expected to be able to carry out their duties and functions optimally. derived from the input factors, therefore a well-planned strategy is needed and examines the components that can improve the quality of education. This research refers to the theory (Glickman, 1993; Glickman, Gordon, & Ross – Gordon, 2001)(leadership of learning) how to develop stakeholders, especially teacher performance and supervision through a system of supervision to improve the quality of education. The methodology used is a qualitative case study which involved two units of public junior high schools in Solok City, West Sumatra. The analysis was carried out starting from planning supervision, time and class scheduling, implementation of supervision, personal evaluation, groups of teachers in the same field of study and in general. The results of this study are the stages of preparing teachers to make learning tools and preparing learning media that are appropriate to the learning material followed by carrying out supervision in accordance with schedules and classes and conducting evaluations for follow-up to overcome problems faced in the learning process