An Investigation On Secondary School Learners’ Willingness To Participate Into School Sports Activities

Kela Gerald ,Hamutenyah Julia Lettie ,Nkengbeza David
Keywords: Secondary school learners, Willingness, Participation, School sports activities ,


The purpose of this study was to investigate secondary school learners’ willingness to participate in school based sports activities. A total number of 250 respondents 56% (n = 140) were female respondents and (n = 110) 44% were male respondents between the age ranges of 17 - 18 participated in this study. This study used a purposive sampling carried out onto grade 12 respondents and data were collected at one senior secondary school in Katima Mulilo circuit of the Zambezi region in Namibia. Quantitative approach was employed in which a questionnaire was used to collect data which was analysed using SPSS V.21 software. Descriptive statistics were interpreted in percentages and presented using tables. According to the study’s results (n = 200) 80% of the respondents were found not to be willing to participate in school sport activities, whereas (n =50) 20% of the respondents was found to be willing to participate in sports. Moreover, the study found that (n = 61) 24.4% understood and were aware of the importance and benefits of school sports, while (n = 189) 75.6% was found unaware and did not understand the importance of school sports on learners’ wellbeing at all.