Implementation management of hajj manasik guidance based on religious moderation to realize moderate and independent hajj (Qualitative Descriptive Study at KBIHU Khazanah Mandiri Depok and KBIHU Ibnu Aqil Bogor)

Ade Marpudin ,Iim Wasliman ,Hanafiah ,Nandang Koswara
Keywords: Management; Manasik Guidance; Religious Moderation and Independence ,


Quantitatively, Indonesian pilgrims are the largest congregation in the world, the large number of pilgrims has not been matched by the quality of the pilgrims. The low quality of the congregation can be seen from the activities of the pilgrimage carried out in the holy land, there are still congregations that carry out worship practices in an excessive (ghuluw) and imposing way, pursuing afdhol worship by ignoring the rules and the congregation's attitude is less independent. This happens, because the quality of guidance on Hajj rituals in Indonesia is still weak. The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview and analyze implementation of hajj rituals guidance management based on religious moderation at KBIHU Khazanah Mandiri Depok and Ibnu Aqil Bogor. This study uses descriptive-qualitative methods and approaches, data collection techniques through interviews, observation, and documentation studies. The foundation of management theory is from Henry Fayol, the theory of religious moderation refers to the principle of wasathiyah from Yusuf Al Qardhawi, and the theory of independence from Steinberg. The results of this study have shown that management and its functions in guiding Hajj rituals in both KBIHU have generally been carried out and there is conformity with procedures and stages in management, however, in practice there are still some that have not been implemented optimally. There are weaknesses that have not been implemented, including: religious moderation material, independence, competency standards for pilgrims, and aspects of evaluation (evaluation). The results of this study recommend that management implementation in the guidance of Hajj rituals at KBIHU continue to be developed and optimized in a more comprehensive form with an integrated model of guidance for Hajj rituals based on religious moderation and quality-oriented.