Project-based learning management In improving the quality of students in state high school 2 cirebon city

Suklani ,Ricky Yoseptry ,Imam Sibaweh
Keywords: Learning, Project Based Learning, and Quality. ,


This research is motivated by globalization with various kinds of skills and insights that will continue to grow rapidly, therefore the teacher acts as executor and Project Base Learning as a method to improve the abilities and skills of students. This also applies to teachers who are reluctant to learn new methods that can streamline teaching and learning activities, and continue to use old methods that seem boring and ineffective, which over time becomes a problem in the world of education, especially in the learning process which is actually aimed at making students students are able to explore the potential and adapt to the rapid development of the times. Therefore teachers are very closely related to receiving international information, and are also able to stimulate students to be more competent in the world of work on an international scale. So this is the main reason for using Project Based Learning which will bring students to a new level opening Indonesian society to the international world. Based on the results of research on learning management using project based learning at State High School 2 Cirebon City. It can be concluded that management activities carried out by class XI teachers, include lesson plans prepared by teachers, implementation of learning that involves teachers and students as well as learning assessments, in practice also identifying various obstacles faced by teachers and students in implementing learning management using the project based learning method in improving students' speaking skills, as well as various efforts made to overcome these obstacles.