Online learning management in increasing student achievement at state high school 2 cirebon city

Suklani ,Ricky Yoseptry ,Imam Sibaweh
Keywords: Management, Online Learning, and Student Achievement. ,


The background of this research is that the Covid-19 pandemic is a health crisis which has resulted in the closure of schools, colleges and universities in several countries, including Indonesia. The United Nations (UN) understands that one of the sectors affected by this pandemic is education. This research was conducted at State High School 2 Cirebon City. The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview and information about online learning management in improving student achievement, which includes: 1) Planning, 2) Organizing, 3) Implementation, 4) Evaluation. The research method used is descriptive qualitative research. Data collection was obtained from information, places and activities of teaching and learning activities, as well as documents. Data collection techniques in the form of direct observation, in-depth interviews, and record documents. As for the results of the research, namely: 1) Planning management of online learning has actually been carried out properly. This can be seen from the appropriate decision mechanism in responding to policies issued by the government in handling Covid-19; 2) Organizing the management of online learning has been carried out well, as seen by the continuation of the agreed plans. The form of this organization is to directly create schedules and tools that will support online learning; 3) The implementation of online learning management has been carried out well, in terms of preparing for the online learning process; 4) Evaluation of online learning management has been carried out well. The form of this evaluation is by holding daily tests or Daily Tests, Daily Test Weeks and End of Semester Assessments and Year End Assessments.