Challenges and trauma in handling the administration of small estate cases during covid-19 pandemic: a call for proceeding through remote communication technology in malaysia and pakistan

F., Hussain ,Ibrahim ,Kamil3and G ,Dastagir
Keywords: Administration of Small Estate, Malaysia and Pakistan, Challenges during COVID-19 Pandemic, Remote Communication Technology. ,


In Malaysia and Pakistan, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic causing tension, fear, stress, and anxiety leading to the postponement of cases at the small estate offices. Due to the social disruption in Malaysia and Pakistan, this paper aims to highlight the challenges and obligation on the petitioner in dealing with the administration of the small estate of the deceased person. The hearing of cases at the small estate’s offices is not possible to be conducted in both countries resulting in frustration amongst the petitioners of an estate including beneficiaries. Hence, this paper seeks to examine the issues on how to expedite the hearing of small estate cases at the small estate offices and to ensure the proceedings to be conducted fairly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper adopts a qualitative research methodology as it provides a deeper understanding relating to small estate matters. In order to expedite the proceeding of hearing of cases of distribution of the small estate in Malaysia and Pakistan, it is relevant and practical that remote communication technology to be implemented. With this new procedure, the harm of COVID-19 may be reduced. The proposed recommendation also promote justice to the petitioners, beneficiaries and society in the COVID-19 era.