Implementation of strengthening religious moderation values in santri in garut regency

Ernawati, Ulfiah ,Ida Tejawiani ,Agus Mulyanto
Keywords: implementation, value strengthening, religious moderation, pesantren ,


The government responded to the strengthening of intolerance among students, including by issuing Decree of the Minister of Religion (KMA) No. 184 of 2019 which contains the implementation of strengthening religious moderation in educational institutions, especially madrasas. Strengthening religious moderation is also mandated in law number 18 of 2019 concerning Islamic boarding schools which states that one of the objectives of holding Islamic boarding schools is to form a moderate understanding of religion. Therefore the purpose of this study is to describe and analyze: 1) Implementation of strengthening religious moderation values ​​consisting of program development, budgets and SOPs carried out by PP Nurulhuda Cibojong and PP Fauzan, 2) Strategic steps,output,  supporting factors and inhibiting factors strengthening the values ​​of religious moderation in students at PP Nurulhuda Cibojong and PP Fauzan. This study used a qualitative approach with descriptive methods and used observation, interviews, and document review techniques. The results of this study indicate that students in both Islamic boarding schools already have an understanding of the values ​​of religious moderation, namely:tawasuth(middle), tawazun (balanced), tasamuh (tolerance), I’tidal (justice), shura(discussion), please(reform), Qudwah (pioneering), citizenship/love for the motherland (you kill them), anti violence (the ’unf) and culturally friendly (i'tibar al-'urf).This can be analyzed from the strengthening of the values ​​of religious moderation which can be seen from the attitude of openness in religion, not feeling the most correct in carrying out religious shari'ah, notguluw (blind panic), very tolerant of differences, does not blame the practice of worship of other groups, even though it is different from the practice of worship that is usually carried out.