The Nexus Existing Between Ownership Structure and Value of Firms Listed in East Africa Securities Exchanges

Charity Muthoni Ndegwa ,Peter Wang’ombe Kariuki ,Kennedy Nyabuto Ocharo
Keywords: Ownership Structure, Firm Value, Listed Firms, East Africa Securities Exchanges ,


Firm’s value also referred to as enterprise value or firm value, reflects the aggregate worth of a business or an enterprise. Firm value is investor perception towards the company’s degree of success often reflected as share price for publicly listed companies. The firm value parameter reflects the market value of the business and thus determines the market competitiveness, bargaining power, and brand value of the enterprise. Growth of firm value, however, is interlinked to corporate governance features. This study postulates that the value of firms is affected by ownership structure. The study sought to evaluate the influence of ownership structure on the firm value of firms listed in East Africa Securities Exchanges. The study was guided by agency theory. The study used the pragmatist research philosophy and ex post facto research design. The target population was comprised of 104 companies listed in the East African Securities Exchanges. Data was drawn from the annual reports and information circulars for the years 2011 to 2020 of all listed companies at the East Africa Security Exchanges listed in the said period from their respective websites.  The study found that ownership structure did not have a significant effect on the firm value measured using both ROA and ROE. The study concludes that ownership structure does not affect the value of listed firms in East Africa Securities Exchanges. There is a need for listed firms to embrace the institutional and managerial form of ownership that builds investor confidence and thus firms’ value.