Current family law concern – a need for creating legal awareness of domestic violence under the domestic violence act 1994 in malaysia

D.K., Randawar, A ,Kamarudin2 and S ,Jayabalan
Keywords: Domestic Violence, Legal Awareness, Empowerment and Dissemination. ,


Domestic Violence is social concern which is alarming and affecting the society of every nation. The offence occurs in the private sphere in mostly every country of the world and is also very common in Malaysia. Society may not be aware of laws on domestic violence, their legal rights and ways on how these rights can be exercised. Thus, this article intends to explore the issue of legal awareness provision meted in relation to the issue of domestic violence in Malaysia.  This study expanded the call to execute and establish the provision on method to impart legal awareness for domestic violence crimes. A comparative legal research methodology is used in differentiating the position in Malaysia and certain selected jurisdiction. It is expected that the findings of this paper will look into the need to introduce and implement legal provision that deals with imparting and disseminating legal awareness pertaining to domestic violence in the society as empowering the society with legal awareness is essential to enable society to affirmatively claim their rights and seek proper and immediate protection.