Fun School Movement Management To Improve The Quality Of The Learning Process In Vocational School Of Center Of Excellence (Descriptive Study at Vocational School 4 and Vocational School 10 Garut Regency)

Neti Achlan ,Hendy S. Muchtar ,Ida Tejawani ,Faiz Karim Fatkhullah
Keywords: GSM Management, Quality of Learning Process ,


This study aims to get an overview, describe, and analyze Fun School Movement Management to Improve the Quality of the Learning Process at Vocational High School Centers of Excellence in Garut Regency. Using a qualitative descriptive method approach. The results of the research on the management of the Fun School Movement to Improve the Quality of the Learning Process through School Connectedness planning, continuous improvements to the environmental conditions are made so that school residents feel comfortable so that students enjoy socializing. Pedagogical Practice, Project based learning and problem solving models, prioritizes learning models that encourage students to explore and think critically. Character Development, student character development through Strengthening Character Education (PPK) namely religious, nationalist, independent, mutual cooperation, integrity. Bully-free Character Education, Circle Time. Activities in the form of dialogue, assessment involving internal and external school parties. As a follow-up program development. The problem encountered, the development of activity facilities, there is still no type of assessment instrument that is the most appropriate for monitoring programs that have been carried out, products or works produced by students from learning that have been carried out do not appear much in prestigious international level events. The solution is to submit a budget, list program achievements, provide space for students to develop their best talents, passions, reasoning and talents by promoting them at international events. Conclusion GSM improves the quality of learning through program management in 4 areas of change. Recommendations to the Education Office to immediately complete the facilities and infrastructure that can support the program. To Supervisor. Make a list of program achievements through an assessment of each key performance indicator through standardized assessment instruments. The next researcher conducts research activities to provide space for students to develop their talents, passion, reasoning and best talents by promoting them at international events.