Documenting the popular uprising in Iraq in 1991 - an analytical study of the articles published on the Al-Hiwar civilized website

Mortada Hassan Ali Al-Shamry ,Isra Shakir Hassan Al Jouani ,Rana Ahmed Rajab
Keywords: (the popular uprising - the site of civil dialogue) ,


Electronic documentation is among the references that many researchers and academics resort to complete their research. For this reason, the electronic civil dialogue website was chosen to monitor the documentation of the 1991 popular uprising, through what was published on this site during the last period. From this point of view came our research tagged (documentation of the popular uprising 1991 in the civil dialogue website), and it was in three sections: The first (research methodology), which included (research problem, importance of research, research objectives, research methodology and sample, previous studies). As for the second topic, it was (titled: The People’s Uprising.. Causes and Methods of Repression), which included the following topics: The People’s Uprising, the reasons for the establishment of the popular uprising, the uprising governorates and methods of suppressing the uprising (the spark of the uprising, the role and participation of the reference in the uprising, the suppression of the uprising, the declaration of Shiites Iraq). As for the third and final topic, it came (titled: Documenting the Shaabaniyah uprising in 1991 AD on the civil dialogue website), which included an introduction to the civilized dialogue website and the topics of the popular uprising in the civilized dialogue website. At the end of the research, the researchers put the most important conclusions that they reached through their research, which were reached after reading and following the topics that appeared on the site of the civil dialogue.