Appearances of the Body in the Performance of the Iraqi Theater Actor

Staar Dhakil Safi ,Dr. Jabbar Khamat Hasan
Keywords: Appearances of the Body and Performance of the Iraqi Theater Actor. ,


The human body is seen as a body bearing all the symbols that signify it, moreover being the motivator of life in it, affecting its dynamism and able to appear to reflect the internal psychological emotions, and its ability to metaphor that is generated in its surroundings that includes all the connotations, which in turn generate meanings of boundless luster. Man’s awareness of himself and his knowledge of his ability to create and imitate things with his physical ability, and the capabilities and flexibility that he possesses, made him to be a cosmic symbol possessing his spiritual qualities. A visual theatrical body to show us what was not visible. In light of the foregoing, the research section is divided into four chapters. The first chapter included the methodological framework and consisted of, the research problem and the need for it, and centered on the importance of the body and its manifestations in the performance of the Iraqi theater actor, and then the importance of the research in that it sheds light on the aesthetic achievement in the performance of the theatrical actor through his physical manifestations who accomplish aesthetic images for presentation theatrical. Therefore, it is of cognitive importance as it presents an objective study for researchers in theatrical sciences, especially the actor and director. It also includes the objective of the research in revealing the body and its performance manifestations in the theatrical performance, presented in the city of Baghdad. Defining terminology, as for (the second chapter), which included (the theoretical framework and previous studies) and was divided into two sections, (the first topic) (the concept of the body), which was dealt with by ancient and modern philosophies, studies and modern thinkers... As for the (second topic) (the appearance of the body in the performance of theatrical character), if the The actor's performance is in his physical appearance according to what the theatrical character and its manifestations are. The performance of the actor is a reflection of the character. Then the third chapter, which included the procedures and consisted of the research community, research tools, and sample analysis. The fourth chapter: includes the results and their discussion, then the conclusions, and sources.