Transformational leadership management of school principles in improving teacher discipline and performance Through effective learning at state high school 2 cirebon city

Suklani ,Imam Sibaweh ,Ricky Yoseptry
Keywords: Principal Management, Transformational Leadership and Teacher Performance. ,


The principal has a very important role in developing education in schools. One thing that the principal must do is to do good management. Management that is most prioritized by school principals is management in improving teacher work discipline through effective learning. This research was conducted at State High School 2 Cirebon City. The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview and information about the management of transformational leadership of school principals in improving teacher discipline and performance in effective learning, which includes: 1) Planning, 2) Organizing, 3) Implementation, 4) Supervision, and 5) Evaluation. The research method used is descriptive qualitative research. Data collection was obtained from information, places and activities of the principal's leadership activities, as well as documents. Data collection techniques in the form of in-depth interviews, direct observation, and record documents. Data validity was tested by applying source triangulation and method triangulation. The data analysis technique is in the form of interactive analysis techniques, namely data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing which interact with each other. This study refers to the theory of transformational leaders from Yammarino and Bass (1990) that transformational leaders are charismatic leaders and have a central and strategic role in bringing the organization to achieve its goals. Transformational leaders also have the ability to match the vision of the future with their subordinates, as well as increase the needs of subordinates at a higher level than what they need. The results of the research are in the form of main findings, namely: 1) having a vision, mission, strategy and goals as an indication of a clear direction from a learning plan; 2) The principal can pay attention in the form of facilities in the teaching and learning process, provide solutions, provide duties and functions, and provide motivation to teachers who meet the target; 3) The management of the school principal's transformational leadership is not running as it should, but the discipline and performance of the teacher can run well even though it is not as expected; 4) monitoring and evaluation have carried out transformational leadership management well, although not optimal.