The Role of School Management in Efforts to Improve the Quality of Education in Junior High Schools. (Descriptive Analytical Study at SMPN 1 Jayanti, SMPN 2 Curug and SMPN 3 Cikupa in Tangerang District)

Jamalus ,Ade Tutty R. Rosa ,Supyan Sauri ,Yosal Iriantara
Keywords: Education Management, Quality of Education and School Performance. ,


The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze the activities carried out in the planning, implementation and evaluation of junior high schools in Tangerang. The problem is that the quality of junior high school graduates in Tangerang is still lacking. This is because the management of Junior high school has not been optimal, both in terms of planning organizational activities, program implementation, evaluating results and handling problems. Obstacles encountered, and solutions to these obstacles. This investigation uses a qualitative methodology based on the collection of observations, interviews and documents. This investigation uses the main theory, management theory from Terry. The research findings show: 1) Planning is intended as a guideline, but other aspects of the planning function are ignored. Important matters that have not been discussed include the identification of performance improvement problems that have not touched on the problems faced by teachers in improving their performance. 2) In implementing quality, the orientation has been directed at guidelines for improving the performance of junior high school teachers; 3) The results of this study include the assessment that has been directed at the supervisory function, but not all aspects of supervision have been carried out, there has been no supervision from senior teacher elements and supervision is still not optimal in following up on the results of supervision; 4) The obstacles faced are the 3M factors, namely Man (supervisors and teachers), Materials (infrastructure) and Money (budget/financing), the Man factor is still the main obstacle in implementing Junior high school performance improvement; 5) The solution to solving the problem is related to overcoming constraints from limited facilities and budget factors, the supervisors and principals of SMP make more precise budgeting and carry out budget efficiencies for the school's operational financing components.