Implementation Of Principal Academic Supervision To Improve Professional Competence Madrasah aliyah teacher in bandung district (Case Study on MA Ar-Rosyidiyah and MA Al-Mufassir Paseh)

Nur Asyiah ,Ade Tutty R Rosa ,Hanafiah ,Supyan Sauri
Keywords: Implementation, Academic Supervision, Professional Competence ,


The general objective of this study is to identify and describe the implementation of school principals' academic supervision to improve the professional competence of Madrasah aliyah teachers in Bandung Regency. This study uses a qualitative approach and descriptive method. Collecting data using interviews, documentation studies and observation. The results showed that planning was prepared referring to the identification of problems faced by teachers based on the results of the previous year's supervision such as assessment, coaching, helping teacher difficulties, and SWOT analysis, then poured into the Academic Supervision Plan (RKA) program according to teacher needs; Organizing is regulated and allocated among stakeholders so that organizational goals can be achieved effectively, as well as plans for school principals' work programs through RKA and RKM in the annual program. Academic supervision by the school principal is carried out in three stages, namely: initial survey before carrying out academic supervision, class visits, reviews and solutions. Evaluation, including job descriptions and document evidence. Evaluation is carried out at the end of each semester. In improving teacher competence, the school principal also found several obstacles in the field. The solution to the inhibiting factors was by holding training based on the needs of the teachers. Guidance through teacher training to improve the competence of school principals also found several obstacles in the field, the solution is to organize training based on the needs of teachers.