The Rise of Turkey and Impact Towards Regionalism: An Analysis

Noraini Zulkifi ,Shahrizan Sahari ,Mohamad Ikhram Ridzuan
Keywords: Economy, Regionalism, Politics, Security, Turkey ,


President Erdogan took office on 2014 after won election. Since then, Turkey has changed a lot from moderate country in 1980 to a developing country in early 2000. Erdogan has shaped new foreign policy as he wants to turns Turkey as a global player. More than that, he also develops a lot of economy and social facilities to attract other investors to come. The research was conducted to analyse The Rise of Turkey and Its Impact towards Regionalism. The objectives of this research namely 1) to identify the factor contributed to the rise of Turkey and 2) to examine the impact of the rise of Turkey on the region. The theory used in this study is neoliberalism. This research used qualitative approaches where the secondary data collection accumulates in library study. The sources had included books, journal articles, newspaper and online sources from government web. The findings of this research were; 1) factor that contributed to the rise of Turkey were political stability, strong economy, structured social community and progressive security and 2) the rise of Turkey has given dominant positive impacts as it became one of the strong Muslim country.