Vol. 16 No. 1 (2023): JANUARY -2023

The prospects for Mesopotamian hydro-politics Iraq's water security concerns and Turkey's water policy

Assistant Professor Farzad Rostami ,Associate Professor Ghodrat Ahmadian ,PhD. Student Saeed Mohammed


Invalidity of the Administrative Contract, Compared to the Civil Contract A Comparative Jurisprudential Study

Associate Prof. Dr. Mohmmad Husien Almajali ,Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Basheer Arabyat

Administrative law is one of the branches of public law. It is concerned with a set of rules that govern and control the administration in many respect


Anita Sable ,Archita Chaubal ,Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan

An education in law falls under the top 10 professional courses in India as of 2020.[1] It is amply clear that the

The summary judgment decision and its impact on the final judgment in the context of Jordan

Dr. Mohamed F. Ghazwi ,Dr. Mohmmad Husien Almajali ,Dr. Mash'al Jarrah ,Ali Ibrahim Alkhdiri

Summary judiciary is not a newly born judiciary, but rather it has a long history, its roots go back to the jurists of Islamic law who discussed some u

Investigating the Factors Influence Intention to use Medical Teleconsulting Service During COVID-19 Pandemic in Thailand

Panturee Walailak ,Ngobphoe Thanarach ,Pongwiritthon Kajornatthapol ,Phayaphrom Bordin ,Honglertsakul Chavalit

The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency of international concern. Due to mandatory social distancing and the lack of effective treatments, t

A study of the impact of the Covid-19 on tourism in Ajodhya Hills (Purulia)

Jibanbandhu Gayak ,Uttam Kumar Patra ,Khalid Raja Khan ,Israil Ansary ,Dr. Kalosona Paul ,Pabitra Bhattacharya ,Abinash Bauri

Introduction: The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 commonly known as CoVid-19 pandemic has severely impacted lives throughout the world. Its

Identity Crisis and Midlife Psychological Development of the Protagonist in Bellow’s Novel Herzog

Dr. Rafea Mohsin Alwan

This study scrutinizes how the clash between generativity and stagnation that manifests in the seventh stage of life—what Erikson calls middle adulth

Teaching Moral Values Through Literature In English Language

Dr. Emad Mohammad Abbar ,Dr. Jihad Jaafar Waham

Schools were always places where people could participate in social and educational activities, but they were also places where people could construct

Impact Study of Applying Governance Mechanisms on the Sustainability of Family Businesses to achieve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

Nagwa Ibrahim Albadaly

Diversification of income sources is one of the most important goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, and family businesses are one of the

Comparative Analysis of English and Indonesian Proverbs: Revealing Cultural Significances & Values

Jepri ,Noer Jihad Saleh ,Fathu Rahman ,Prasuri Kuswarini

This study aims to find the of similarities and differences between English and Indonesian proverbs as well as to reveal the cultural significances and

Herders Farmers Crisis and Food Security in Nigeria- A Case of Benue State.

Modupe Ake ,Gbenga Owoeye ,Olanrewaju Ajakaiye ,Kehinde Abdul-Afees Ayantunji ,Jubilee Apalowo ,Oluwakemi Popoola ,Oladapo Joy ,Ayantunde Racheal T

Food security is an area of research that is gaining the attention of scholars, because of its importance to human survival. However, there is limited

Judicialization Of Electoral Outcomes In Nigeria: Case Of 2019 Presidential Election.

Omotola Shola ,Owoeye Gbenga

Courts intervention in Nigeria political corridor is a topical issue that is gaining attention of scholars of psephology and democratization. There is

The Legal Framework on Duty Towards Emergency Patients: Analysis with Proposals for Reforms

Lahveenya Panchalingam ,Usman Quddus ,Kainat Bibi

Duty towards patients in an emergency is a task of fundamental importance in any jurisdiction and therefore requires an appropriate legal framework. Th

Analytical Study of the Legitimacy Of Abortion in Islamic Jurisprudence

Sajida Faraz ,Usman Quddus ,Lahveenya Panchalingam ,Dr. Shams ul Hussain Zaheer

Abortion is one of the debatable topics faced by the human community these days and a matter of profound debate in penal law due to special circumstanc

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Intellectual Property Law

Kainat Bibi ,Usman Quddus ,Norazuan Amiruddin

Artificial Intelligence is a unique technological development that has an intense impression on the world. It alters business fashion from autonomous v

Problems With The Provision Of Building Use Rights To A Limited Liability Company/Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV)

Paul Christian

Circular Letter No. 2/SE-HT.02.01/VI/2019 concerning the Granting of HGB for CVs that have been issued provides an opportunity for non-legal entities i

Indonesian State Intelligence Optimization Analysis Based on Law No 17 Year 2011 Case Study: State Intelligence Agency (BIN)

Muhammad Ridho B.

This study aims to determine the nature of the function of intelligence in a country, the obstacles of the Intelligence Agency in carrying out its role

The Influence of Bisyaroh, Satisfaction, and OCB on Lecturer Performance at Private Islamic Religious Colleges Based on Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia

Nurul Inayah ,Purnamie Titisari ,Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana Setyanti ,Nurhayati

The purpose of this study is to see whether and how 1). Bisyaroh affects job satisfaction. 2) Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) affected by Bis

Sri Lankan Consumers’ Recommendations Of Qr Code – Enabled Payment Solutions To Create A Cashless Society: Do Moderating Variables Collaborate?

P. Chamika Hewawasam ,Adam Amril Bin Jaharadak ,Ali Khatibi ,S M Ferdous Azam

This study aimed to examine the willingness of Sri Lankan users to adopt mobile payment systems using Quick Response (QR) codes, given the widespread u

Strategies of Social Welfare Policy Implementation for Elderly People in Highland Ethnic Groups for Equality, Equity, and Social Justice in the New Normal under Multilateral Cooperation in Thailand

Perawat Nonthachot ,Anan Yaemyuean ,Teerapatra Ekphachaisawat ,Suwaluck Uansa-ard

Thailand is completely becoming the aging society as a result of structural change of populations leading to the increasing number of elderly people ev

The Evaluative Study For Improving Road Safety By Increasing The Visibility And Conspicuity Of Zebra Crossing Areas In Front Of Schools On Urban Roads

P. Jantosut ,P. Tankasem ,W. Chaipanha ,P. Kaewwichian ,Promraksa ,R. Kaewkluengklom

This research was aimed at studying and evaluating the improvement of Safety of Zebra Crossings in front of Schools (SZCS) Project by increasing the vi

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in the 21st Century: A Critical Appraisal

Mohamed Alkashami

The paper offers an insight on the concept of human resource information systems (HRIS) in the contemporary era. The article provides detailed informat

Features Of The Protection Of Civil Rights And Interests Under The Conditions Of Marital State

Burlaka Olha ,Churpita Hanna ,Bilianska Nataliia ,Senyk Svitlana ,Tsvirkun Oleksandr

In the article, a comprehensive study of the peculiarities of the protection of individual civil rights of individuals and legal entities in the condit

The Constitutional Right to A Reasonable Period of Consideration of The Case

Nataliya Shelever ,Diana Voron ,Olha Antalovtsi ,Sandra Boldizhar ,Yevheniia Lohvynenko

The scientific article is devoted to the determination of the content and legal nature of the concept of "reasonable terms" in national judicial procee

Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) in an Effort to Improve the Performance of Private College

Imron Abdus Syukur ,Dadang Suherman ,M. Andriana Gaffar ,Dinny Mardiana

The background of this research is that the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) management in private college has not been a

Management of Teacher Pedagogic Competency Development in Improving Teacher Perfomance Productice

Mantri Karno Diharjo ,Hendi S Muchtar ,Yosal Iriantara ,Deti Rostini

This research is motivated by the low pedagogic competence of teachers, so it is necessary and important for the role of the principal in developing te

linguistic studies in Al-Mesbah Journal (predication on (the external and meaning) of the Qur 'anic texts by the Kufic grammarians as a model)

Safa Sadiq Jaafar Al-Khafaji

The topic chosen above is a research paper drawn from my (PhD) thesis entitled: (Linguistic Research in Al-Mesbah Journal: An Analytical Study), a quar

Diat System Application Model In Reality in Malaysia: A Case Study of Road Accidents

Lukman Abdul Mutalib ,Wan Abdul Fattah Wan Ismail ,Ahmad Syukran Baharuddin ,Mohd Radzniwan A. Rashid ,Naji Arafat Hj. Mahat ,Mualimin Mochammad Sahid ,Hasnizam Hashim ,Muhamad darwisy mohd razali

Accidents have been unavoidable throughout the ages. It can happen to anyone unexpectedly, whether by negligence or not. Accidents usually bring losses

An Assessment Of The Relationship Between Knowledge Management And Strategic Sustainable Development In Small Scale Companies In Kurdistan Region Of Iraq

Raweez Saber Ismael ,Goran Yousif Ismael

The notion of sustainability is most important phenomena in the modern world as changes are noticed in the business models due to knowledge management

The Impact Of Digitization Of The Economy On The Transformation Of Working Conditions

Nataliia Lesko ,Taras Zhyravetskyy ,Iryna Lasko ,Dmytro Shvets ,Maryana Biletska

The scientific article carried out a content analysis of the concept of "digitalization", identified a number of approaches to its definition, and form

Organization Of Labor Relations Under Martial Law In Ukraine

Pylyp Pylypenko ,Olena Rym ,Svitlana Synchuk ,Volodymyr Burak ,Oksana Hirnyk

The scientific publication is an original study of actual changes in legal regulations and mechanisms for regulating labor relations in Ukraine under m

The Institution Of Appeal As A Guarantee Of Compliance With The Rights Of The Person In The Criminal Process

Mark Makarov ,Kira Gorelkina ,Ihor IIerusalymov ,Iryna Dubivka ,Iryna Bovnehra

This study, based on the analysis of criminal procedural legislation and the practice of its application, investigates the institution of appeal as a g

Modern Features Of The Legal Regulation Of Labor Rights In Ukraine

Oleksandr Voroniatnikov ,Danylo Leschukh ,Valentyna Sloma ,Valentyna Myronenko ,Yuliia Trufanova

The relevance of the article lies in the fact that in it the authors considered the problems of regulatory regulation of labor rights under martial law

Public Control Over The Observance Of The Rights Of The Convicted In The Field Of Execution Of Punishments

Pavlo Harasym ,Nataliya Ortynska ,Volodymyr Kantsir ,Svitlana Soroka ,Anna Bondarchuk

The scientific article carried out a scientific analysis of the content and essence of public control over the observance of the rights of convicts in

Hegemony and Resistance in Chinua Achebe's Anthills of Savannah

Norah Hadi Q. Alsaeed

Postcolonial Literature is Literature from nations colonized by European governments. It typically discusses the issues, difficulties, and effects of a

The Impact Of Online Distance Learning Competencies Towards Lecturers’ Psychological Well-Being During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study From Universiti Teknologi Mara

Narehan Hassan ,Mazuin Mat Halif ,Nooranizan Ariffin

This research addressed issues pertaining to the impact of Online Distance Learning (ODL) towards the psychological well-being of lecturers and how uni

Ethical Leadership And Creative Behaviour

E Masianoga ,K K Govender

The aim of this study is to explore how ethical leaders stimulate creative behaviour among employees. By conducting a qualitative study among a sample

Crisis As A Qualitative Transformation Of The Socio-Cultural System

Akmataliev Asanbek Turgunbaevich ,Nurbaev Azamat Saidullaevich ,Kozubaev Oskonbai ,Yrazakov Damirbek Abdikalilovich ,Barynbaeva Ainura Abdykalykovna ,Kambarova Nurzada Nuralievna ,Karabaeva Samara Toktogulovna ,Sharipova Erkayim Kozuevna

In this article, crisis is studied as a qualitative change in the socio-cultural system, which manifests itself in the gaps between being and conscious

Law And Love In The Athens And The Fairy Land Of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hossein Fathi Pishosta

Love and in relation to it law are among the central motifs of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Their significance comes to the fore especially wh

Not Mere Spectators, Not On The Margins Of Conflict: Gender, Conflict And Peacebuilding In The Nawuri-Gonja Conflict, Northern Ghana

Cletus Kwaku Mbowura

Narratives on conflicts in Northern Ghana generally made the architecture of conflicts and peacebuilding programmes the monopoly of the male gender. Th

Philosophical Understanding Of Relationship Between Mentality And The Legal Consciousness

Akmatova Damira ,Sultanova Kulsara ,Babakulova Raia ,Asanakhunova Zarina ,Saparbaeva Ainura ,Kutusheva Nazgul ,Karaeva Nurgul

The article examines the relationship between mentality and right consciousness, as well as factors affecting the formation of both mentality and right

The Importance Of Transformational Leadership In Creating Work Engagement To Improve Employee Performance: A Case Study Of A Private University In Jakarta

Yuli Evitha ,Iwan Sukoco ,Bambang Hermanto ,Tetty Herawaty

This study aims at answering the questions how the work engagement of employees is in each department, what strategy is employed to improve employee pe

Sentiment Analysis of Public Comments on Government Policies in Handling COVID-19: the Case of Indonesia

Prayudi ,Muhammad Edy Susilo ,Mangaras Yanu Florestiyanto

Twitter is a social networking site that has a large user base. On Twitter, users may interact and talk about concepts and events. Social media usage i