The role of Supervisors in Improving Teacher Competence: an empirical review in building Educational Psychology to Support Learning Quality.

Andi Hendriyana Hasan ,Bahaking Rama ,Wahyuddin Naro ,Muzakkir
Keywords: Psychology, Supervision, Competence. ,


This study aimed to identify and analyze the role of academic supervision in motivating the psychology of teaching staff in improving teacher competence related to pedagogical competence, professional competence, social competence, and personality competence. This research method used qualitative, and this research was conducted at 12 SMAN in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi Province, consisting of 22 SMAN-level schools in various sub-districts of Gowa Regency. Based on data in the field, the total number of PAI teachers in Gowa Regency who are spread across the secondary education level (SMAN) is 61 people. Islamic Religious Education teachers generally need supervisors who regularly guide them toward a better quality of learning in schools. The Islamic Religious Education supervisors have conducted assessments and coaching to improve the quality of Islamic Religious Education teachers in terms of developing material, using learning methods, selecting relevant media, evaluating, and creating functional and creative learning conditions. After the supervisor provides guidance and assessment, proceed with more intensive coaching if something is considered lacking.