Multicultural Education In Home-Stay Activities: Planting Democratic Islam In Senior High School

Immawan Nurdin ,Sutama ,Taufik ,Deddy Ramdhani ,Muh. Nur Rochim Maksum
Keywords: multicultural education, home-stay activities, Islamic education, democracy ,


Multicultural education is important to apply to educational institutions. The process of implementing education will run well while all components of education can understand each other and maintain their respective rights and obligations. Therefore the implementation of multicultural education is introduced and internalized to tithe students. The value of democracy is one of the values contained in multicultural education. Home-stay activities as one of the educational media in an effort to understand multicultural education, especially the value of democracy. In this study using a qualitative approach with the design of case studies at Assalaam Senior Haigh School. Researchers as the main instrument in data collection and analysis, arrive at the withdrawal of conclusions. Research results; First, multicultural education is a model of education in the framework of awareness of students about the importance of understanding the diversity of values in the reality of life; second, home-stay as a form of activity that offers a choice of various characters of people's lives, and becomes a medium of learning in the development of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor potential of students dynamically and creatively; Third, the value of democracy in homestay activities as the focus of education options in Assalaam Senior Haigh School which can later be implemented in the education process at Assalaam Senior Haigh School in the hope of realizing a democratic Islamic education process. Home-stay activities are an implementation of a major theme about multicultural education. In the activity is planned as an educational model that fielded students directly into the reality of community life faced with diverse cultures, and characters. Therefore, the implications of home-stay activities are very positive on the development of students' souls and personalities, so that home-stay activities become a significant learning model in instilling understanding of democracy in Islamic education.