Creativity and innovation in the constitution that meets international trends

Ali Mohammed Hasan Akkash Alshehhi
Keywords: Creativity and innovation, constitution, international trends ,


It is well agreed-on that the constitution has long been considered an internal non-negotiable matter, and is considered one of the constants that do not keep pace with the developments of life and the changes of time and its phenomena. The emergence of the League of Nations, its demise, and the emergence of the United Nations as an international organization, participated in transferring the international law from classical to modern jurisprudence. Therefore, this study proceeds to clarify the international standards that countries must prepare for, anticipate and consider as an imposed and inextricable reality, so that the texts of the constitution are coined with those global trends as to match the text, in its formulation, with creativity and innovation for long periods without the need to amend it, and so that we are in front of a constitution with dimensional and international integration.