Principles of Gender Regulation as Priorities for Sustainable Development of Political Parties in Sovereign Kyrgyzstan

Asanbekova Dzhamilya Zhekshenalievna ,Karabaeva Kanzada Kadyrberdievna , Osmonova Aigul Abdyldaevna , Nurmamat kyzy Kanykey ,Abdyldaev Islambek Keldibaevich ,Mirzaeva Aigul Kadyrovna ,Ashimov Kutman Nurlanbekovich ,Ormonova Elmira Aitievna
Keywords: Gender equality, principle, government, politics, society, sovereignty, law, freedom ,


 In this article, authors refer to the concept of men and women rights equality characterize this legal principle, consider the features of its legal consolidation. The main attention is focused on the men and women rights equality and freedoms, features of legal protection, as well as on the possibilities of exercising these rights and freedoms in the regions of the sovereign Kyrgyz Republic. The main theses are given about the equal legal status of women and men and equal opportunities for its implementation, allowing people, regardless of gender to freely use their abilities to participate in political, economic, labor, social, public and cultural spheres of life. An analysis of constitutional legal acts in the Kyrgyz government is presented in order to identify norms that enshrine the principle of men and women rights equality and freedoms in all regions of republic. The authors give some examples of violation of gender principles prescribed in the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic. In the context of constitutional and legal research, the chronological division is productive, connected precisely with the display of main provisions on gender equality in the constituent acts of Kyrgyzstan. This paper attempts to conduct a functional analysis of national institutional mechanism for implementation of gender policy. Implementation of these principles within the framework of the document will help to solve contemporary problems in the field of gender equality in the country. The most important of these problems is the discrepancy between the country obligations, enshrined in the National Plan and programs, and their implementation.