Restructuring Traditional Courts as an Effort for Uniforming the Structure of Traditional Courts in Aceh

Jamaluddin ,Yusrizal ,Marlia Sastro ,Ramziati ,Herinawati ,Sela Azkia
Keywords: Structure; Customary Courts; Village; Aceh; ,


The structure of the customary justice found in the community is a form of diversity
in each community of each region in Aceh. The practice of customary justice runs according
to a mechanism that has been in place for years and the structure of customary justice
follows a standard structure established by their ancestors. Customary institutions function
and play a role as a vehicle for community participation in the administration of Aceh
Government and district/city governments in the fields of security, peace, harmony and
public order, therefore it is necessary to restructure the Customary Courts in Aceh