The scope of criminal protection for objectivity from the crime of food fraud

Sattar Abdallah Saiel ,Zaman Hamid Hadi Al-Hasnawi
Keywords: criminal protection, food fraud, and food fraud Revisited. ,


We dealt with the study of the scope of criminal protection from food fraud
crimes in an attempt to find a legal framework to protect consumers from acts of
food fraud that evolve and vary day by day in a way that does not occur to the
legislator when drafting this legislation. By proposing new legal rules to criminalize
acts of food fraud that are constantly evolving and diversifying, and tightening
penalties for their perpetrators .
The crime of food fraud is committed intentionally. The origin of this crime
is that it is committed intentionally, that is, it requires knowledge and will, but it
can be committed by an unintended mistake when the merchant or professional
neglects or fails to verify the condition of the food and verify that it is not cheated
when importing, manufacturing, trading, or at any stage of production to reach the
consumer, and committing criminal behavior in food fraud may result in permanent
disability, disability, or even death. Most of them were considered independent
crimes in view of the gravity of the outcome