Experimental Study on Pedagogy of Agility of Rossini Tenor

Kuo Yang ,Ek-karach Charoennit
Keywords: Rossini tenor; Agility ,


This study aims to explore the methods for improving the agility skill of Rossini tenor.
Rossini’s rias are great challenges for tenors due to the wide register and difficult agility skill.
This study used a single-group experiment, with thirty vocal majors in conservatories as
subjects. The author designed a one-month intervention course lasting from 2021
September to October, during which time the subjects were trained, and their performance
before and after the course was compared by Evaluation of the Ability to Sing Easily(EASE).
After the analysis of paired sample t, the following results were found:
1. After the intervention, there was significant improvement in the subjects’ agility skill,
voice quality, musicality, stage presence, emotion, and overall
2. There was also obvious increase in “Pathologic Risk Indicators (PRI)” from EASE;
and there was no obvious increase in “Vocal Fatigue (VF)” (P>0.05).
Therefore, it can be concluded that the course designed by the author is able to
promote the agility skill of students and their performance in singing Rossini’s arias, and is
also helpful in reducing pathologic risk of their voicing organs.